Whatever is happening…make it stop!

“Whatever is happening…make it stop.  I’m 55 years old and 20 pounds heavier.  What will I weigh at 65?”

That’s what Monica said to me.

Have you ever had thoughts like this?

Here’s what I told Monica…

“There’s so much change going on during the last third of our lives. 

This phase is yet another evolutionary process, similar to when we went thru adolescence.

As our hormones change, some women’s bodies will hold on to fat. 

The reason is several hormones are stored in fat tissue. 

One of those hormones is estrogen.  During this time of change, as estrogen levels drop, our body will hold on to fat to try to excrete estrogen from fat cells.   And our muscle mass and strength decrease, which slows down our metabolism.

Add to that some stress, alcohol and sugar and we just won’t burn fat.

So what can we do?

We can take a breath, pause, and evaluate what’s not working anymore.  Then figure out what’s needed and reset. 

Because everything needs to change during these years, just like when we went thru adolescence.

The first place to start is with food and exercise.  Do you think you’re eating enough protein and fiber every day and what are you doing for exercise?  Does it include strength-training at a Goldilocks level?”

She asked:  “how much protein should we eat?”  My answer was:  “60-90 grams a day.”  She then said:  “How can I get that much protein without eating a cow? And I thought I was getting enough exercise with yoga?”

What about you?  Do you get enough protein?  Are you doing strength-training in a way that is just right for you?

If you’re trying to get more protein I suggest you focus on single nutrient whole foods like those in this recipe.

If you’re trying to incorporate more strength-training, Ellen Barrett’s workouts are great.

If you’re ready to pause, take a breath and reset, my gentle whole food detox in September is a perfect place to start.

It’s a great opportunity to take a breath and reset.  You can find more information here:  https://healthymethodsbypatti.com/autumndetox/

Give it some thought.

Until next time,


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