Life lessons from my Bundt pan

In my early twenties, my Bundt pan was my favorite cooking utensil.  Yup….I made some type of cake every week.  And I’d eat most of it.

Then, in my late twenties I became a group exercise and weight loss instructor.

I would go to my fitness center, teach a bunch of classes, and on the way home, I’d be starving.  So I’d stop and by an ice cream sandwich.

Crazy right!  What I didn’t know was I was starving myself eating all that salad and yogurt during the day.

Oh and can I tell you how awful my PMS was?  Well it would be…my blood sugar was on a roller coaster ride from not eating the magic trifecta of protein, fiber and fat and working out so hard.

Thank goodness I’ve finally kicked my sugar habit.  Now I know when I crave sugar, it’s a message and it usually has nothing to do with food.

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