The sugar bowl….

There I was looking at the sugar bowl…high protein seed breakfast cereal in hand.  As I was about to spoon sugar into my bowl, I thought what am I doing?  I never eat sugar at breakfast.

I know how sugar will adversely affect my day.  So why did I rather unconsciously drift over to the sugar bowl?

Because I was feeling disappointed, a little down and needed a little sweetness in my life.

I often talk about trigger foods as they relate to our hormones and over all wellness.

But I don’t often talk about trigger foods as they relate to our emotional well bring.

It’s not unusual to crave sugar when we are feeling down.  Cravings can be your body’s way of letting you know it’s not getting something it needs. Having certain cravings, such as for chocolate or other sweets, is also often linked to how you feel emotionally.

I don’t believe we have to completely deprive ourselves of sweet treats once in a while.  The key is to understand why we are craving them.  Then to be sure we choose to balance the sweet food off with a balanced and nutritious meal.

The next time you pick up a “comfort food”, stop and ask yourself why you’re reaching for it.

Are you feeling sad, anxious or lonely?  Practice becoming more mindful of your emotional triggers for eating.

Mindful eating helps you eat more intentionally, rather than mindlessly grazing. You may find it useful to keep a food journal, meal diary, or use an app to help you track.

Remember:  a sweet treat is not “bad” in and of itself.  It’s the quantity and frequency that determine how the food impacts your overall health.

Tell me…do you ever stop and think about why you might be reaching for a comfort food?

If you think sugar might be a problem for you, a simple whole food detox might be just the place to start.

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