From down in the dumps to feeling like myself again…

Stories are not just for reading or watching.  They are for telling as well.  When someone tells their story, it allows them to be their own narrator.  And that empowers them to feel in control.
That’s why as a coach I’m always asking my clients “what’s your biggest win since we last talked?”   By telling me her story around the biggest win of the week, it reinforces her realization that she has control.
When I asked Stephanie, a client of mine in my FEAST Academy program, that question she said:
I feel dramatically different.  I have energy, look forward starting my day and I can focus so much better.  I’ve gone from feeling tired and depressed to feeling like myself again.  And amazingly…my clothes fit nicely.  –Stephanie
What did she do?  She made a few changes that turned things around rather quickly.
If you’re feeling down in the dumps, it can seriously impact your ability to feel any joy and function normally.
At first, feeling tired, down in the dumps and not able to concentrate might seem annoying.  But these are warning signs and if we ignore these warning signs and allow things to persist for too long, it can start to affect our wellbeing, hormones, and ability to lose weight.
So if you’re struggling like Stephanie was, here are a few things she did to naturally boost her energy:
She ate 3 Meals a Day
When you’re feeling tired, it could mean your blood sugar is low. Eating three meals a day, power packed with protein, healthy fat and fiber helped Stephanie keep her energy level up and prevented the dreaded blood sugar crashes.
She Limited Caffeine
I know, I know—this one is tough. She loved her coffee, as do I.  But she limited her intake to one cup of coffee daily—and made sure it was early in the day, so it didn’t affect her sleep later on.
She Exercised Regularly but…
She stopped going overboard at the gym.  Instead she shortened her workouts to 30 minutes and changed her heavy lifting and long runs on the treadmill to circuit style workouts 3-4 x a week.  It made a big difference in her ability to sleep better, her hormones and her ability to start losing weight again.
She Hydrated Like an Athlete
She found staying hydrated helped her function much better.  Why would this be?  Because she was flushing toxins and hydrating her cells.
She Got Enough Sleep
This one might seem obvious, but it’s what helped her the most. Getting enough sleep is crucial. Most women need between 7 and 8 hours of sleep each night.  If you’re not getting enough sleep, here’s one of the resources that Stephanie used to change her body’s natural sleep cycle.
You don’t need to live your life feeling tired and down in the dumps.  There are plenty of ways to boost your energy naturally so you can feel vibrant and energetic again.
I’d love to hear from you.  Would any of these simple tips help you?