Just when you thought it was all over….their back!

Do you go through phases of thinking you’re done with your menopause symptoms?  You think it’s all finally over!

Then Bam! Out of nowhere your body decides the rules have changed and you’re thrown into turmoil once again with hot flashes, moodiness and that darn scale won’t move downward!

If this is you don’t dismay.  Your hormones will always ebb and flow.  Yes, even post menopause.  Shoot I talk to women who are in their 60’s, their trusted HRT has stopped working and symptoms returned when they thought they were done.

There are things you can do that might help and the most powerful tool you have is your fork.

Resetting eating habits might be just what you need to calm hormone fluctuation symptoms so you can start losing weight again.

I have a FREE resource that you might find useful.  It’s a guide to help you understand your body better and what foods you can add into your meals that might be beneficial.   You can click here to download it. 

When you download it I suggest you pick one thing to add in and get started with it right away as you crowd something else out.  Then build on that.

Keep me posted on how things go.

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