Balance – Discover a step by step process to reverse short-term weight gain… in just 5-days!



You can break bad habits and find strength where you didn’t know you had it.

You can feel lighter, have more energy, decrease those embarrassing hot flashes and maybe even lose a little weight!

Good things are about to happen…


Balance is only 5 days and it is BIG because you are making the move to prioritize and take back control!


So here’s what you need to do to get started:


  1. Download and save your materials.
  2. Use the shopping list and buy what you need for the meal plans.
  3. Ask to join my Facebook Group here. I release daily posts.  You won’t want to miss this added layer of support!
  4. Once you have the food that you need just go ahead and get started.
  5. Watch one episode each day for information, motivation, and support.

Click here to download the guide book.


Click here to download the meal plans and cookbook.


Click here to watch episode 1


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Click here to watch episode 4


Click  here to watch episode 5


Well that’s if for the 5-day Balance reset.

Stay focused, well- balanced and be persistent and if you’re ready, I offer 1-on-1 sessions by phone.

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