Become a Health Coach

How to Become a Health Coach

Do you LOVE health and wellness? Me too.

Maybe you’ve experienced the healing power of food and lifestyle changes in your own life. And now you want to do work you love…work you believe in…work that really makes a difference in the world.

Oh boy can I relate.  I remember the feeling of wanting to bust out of my career as a fitness professional and stop starving women.  Even as a fitness enthusiast I personally was tired of over exercising and under-eating!

But I didn’t know where to begin to make a change.  I felt really stuck.

And then I heard about a way to create a career and lifestyle that aligned with my holistic beliefs.  I started small and built momentum.

Here’s what you need to know.  Right now, in this very moment there are opportunities to get started and become a holistic wellness professional.

I know there are lots of options out there.

Should you become a Registered Dietitian? A nutritionist? A health coach? What options exist for education and what are you qualified for?

If you would like to learn about different education levels and available job opportunities across the field of holistic nutrition, I’m happy to share with you why I chose to become a certified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Look I know changing careers and choosing a school is a big decision.  So, if you are interested in learning about this awesome career, you can contact me here and let’s talk directly.

What you do for 40+ hours a week can make a big difference in your health and quality of life.  I’m living proof.  Contact me and let’s talk about why I choose The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and what it might feel like for you to follow your passion.


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