Action oriented thinking and why it works….

Are you ready for some action-oriented thinking? 

If you’ve wondered why I’m all hot and bothered about action-oriented thinking, it’s because becoming part of the 5% who slim down and keep it off or start a workout program and keep it up is all about mindset.  It is all about becoming aware of the thoughts that have held us back from maintaining our desires.

Is it hard work and sometimes scary to become aware of these thoughts?

Absolutely, most of us have pushed them way back and down deep so we don’t have to be conscious of them.

My suggestion is to be brave.  They are only thoughts and they won’t kill you.  And unless you are willing to become aware of them, you might as well stop reading now.

Destructive thoughts have at least these two things in common:

  1. they help us cut off painful feelings;
  2. they are strongly influenced or controlled by a thought process that both seduces us into a behavior and punishes us for indulging.

Action oriented thinking adopts the view that there are valid alternatives to changing those thoughts.  It requires us to be plugged-in to our thoughts, accompanied by a commitment to take action to change them. This is science based information and is change that you can make happen in just a few minutes.

There are three steps to action-oriented thinking.

For example: let’s say you’re at a dessert party and you see five delicious desserts.

You think:

I know I’m the chubbiest girl here and I feel so self-conscious.  If I don’t have any dessert everyone will think I’m the fat girl on a diet again…. But I don’t care. I don’t want to deprive myself. It isn’t fair that those skinny girls get to eat whatever they want.

You can pave new healthy neural pathways to permanent change if you:

  1. Identify the trigger thought: 

I don’t give a damn. I don’t want to deprive myself. It isn’t fair that those skinny girls get to eat whatever they want.

  1. Identify the feeling:

                    Anger and deprivation:  this is not fair.
Disappointment:  I really want to eat this.
Fear:  I don’t want anyone to think I’m the fat girl on a diet again.
Discouraged:  this is too hard.

  1. Set up an action-oriented solution or strategy:

I’m going to pick my favorite dessert, take a small sized piece, eat it very slowly and enjoy every bite. I know I’m going to feel so proud of myself.

It is easier than you think.  The hardest part is to stop pushing the feelings and thoughts way back and down deep.

If you want to feel strong, confident and in control but you feel you need more guidance and in-depth support, you may want to consider my 6-week online group program Weight Loss Solutions for Life.  It is exactly what I teach in my private coaching.

It’s shown to be effective at retraining the brain for long-term behavior change so we can focus not only on keeping weight loss off or maintaining a workout, but healing and operating at peak performance!

Peace and love,

Destructive thinking, it is seductive and can hold you hostage to losing weight and gaining it back.

Welcome to the first email in my Steps to Train Your Brain series the augments my Three Steps To Change Your Mindset E-Book!  Today I’m going to share some information on destructive thinking, how seductive it is and how it can hold us hostage.

Destructive thinking is our negative self-talk.  It is that inner dialogue that often involves disparaging thoughts about ourselves or our lives. These thoughts seduce us into destructive behavior while punishing us for indulging.

Becoming aware of this voice is an important component to lasting weight loss and is the first step to learning how to turn those thoughts around.

In the case of destructive or negative thoughts, these messages might include thoughts like:

  • you will never succeed, just eat it anyway.
  • you’ve been nothing but a failure, why try again;
  • why bother, you’re always going to be fat;
  • have a piece of cake, you ate healthy all week;
  • or much worse……

When we give in and indulge, this inner voice transforms into the cruelest enemy, tearing us apart. The voice maliciously punishes. We begin to think “You weak-willed jerk. You said you weren’t going to eat that anymore! You’ve ruined everything. You’ll always be fat.
Once you allow yourself to become aware of these thoughts, the next step is learning to challenge those destructive thoughts so we can strengthen our true self. Most importantly, when we learn to challenge those thoughts and follow them up with action oriented thinking, we break free from the internal chains that have held us back from accomplishing long-term results.
In my next email we’ll journey toward replacing those destructive thoughts with more constructive ones and how to create action oriented thinking.  We will move toward ways to implement the simple tools that separate the 5% who slim down and keep it off, from the other 95%.

Please stay tuned and stay in touch.

Sending you a big hug,

P.S. If you are looking for a more guided solution that will provide you with in-depth support, you may want to consider my Weight Loss Solutions for Life program.  It is a doctor-recommended, science-backed program that has shown to be effective at retraining your brain for long-term behavior change so your body can focus not only on losing weight but healing and operating at peak performance!  Click here to learn more.

What’s next…. finding what works!

Have you ever done some type of short-term program, either a cleanse, 30-day clean eating or workout challenge and at the end thought…? what’s next?  How do I keep my momentum up?

It’s so much easier to stay motivated for the short-term.  It doesn’t matter what you are doing.  It’s the long-term where it gets difficult.

Well I’m excited to share a few solutions.  These simple solutions will help you change from being all gung-ho in the short-term and then stopping.  It doesn’t matter if your situation has been losing weight and then gaining it back, starting a workout routine and then stopping or losing confidence because you have started so many things only to fall back into your old routine.

You see, it doesn’t matter what the program is, if you don’t change what’s going on in between your ears, you will go back to following your old path.

I’ve been there myself.  As a matter of fact, don’t get discouraged because just about everyone I know has.

However it doesn’t have to be that way.  We can pave new neural pathways with just a little effort.  For example:

My client Kathy was frustrated by gaining back the 20 lbs. she lost. No matter how many diets she tried, she would lose 20 lbs. but fail to keep it off.

She was worried that she had damaged her metabolism and that she would never feel confident again.  Then I taught her how to take action by changing her mindset.

Now she is confident that she will never again be part of the 95% that lose weight and fail to keep it off because she knows what the other 5% know. She knows how to use the tools that separate the 5% from the 95%.

If you are curious as to what they are, I share them in a new e-book I wrote outlining three simple steps to change your mindset.  These steps can be applied to almost any situation that you would like to change.

Now, with this e-book you can start your own journey. However, I don’t want you to do this alone. To help you succeed, I’ve got a few more emails to send you over the next few weeks to support information that’s in the e-book.  I’m sure you’ll find them helpful!

Click here to download your e-book.

Wishing you good health and happiness,




New Year’s Resolutions-Please Don’t!

Tomorrow is the day lots of people make their resolutions for the year.  If you are one of them, I hope you are 100% sure you want to change before you make that resolution.

Think about it for a minute.  How many New Year’s resolutions have you made in your life versus how many have you successfully accomplished?  Resolving to change, followed by trying and failing, followed by a new set of resolutions that starts the cycle of trying and failing again is crazy!  As a matter of fact, the National Institute of Health has defined it as “false hope syndrome”.

But really, why do you think so many New Years’ resolutions fail?

After all these years of coaching people in the fitness and weight loss industry I think I have identified why.

Let me start with a story:

I was talking to a potential client and I asked her on a scale of 1-10, 10 being very badly, how badly did she want to lose weight? 

She said oh about a 6 or 7. 

I asked why just a 6 or 7 why not 10 or more?  She said because changing is too hard. 

I told her I didn’t think I was the right coach for her.  She was so surprised and asked me why? 

You might be thinking…. what??? You would turn a client away?

Hell yes!

Look, I know I can teach my clients how to lose weight.  But I want them to keep that weight off.  And if my clients are going to make a permanent change, their desire for change needs to run so deep that they rate themselves at 10 or above.  Because permanent change takes place between our ears.

That’s why I say, before you set a New Year’s resolution, be 100% honest with yourself.

Ask yourself, on a scale of 1-10 how deeply do you desire that resolution?  And remember, the difficult nature of making changes means that you will likely be putting in effort that will take you beyond the point of it being inspiring or fun.

There’s no point in setting the same resolution you’ve set for years, only to end up feeling down and disappointed in yourself.  You deserve better.

So this year why not give yourself the break you deserve and skip the resolution.  Instead take the time to know what change you deeply desire. Chances are once you feel that desire so deep in your soul, you will be able to craft a road map for change that honors your desires.

Wishing you love, joy, good health and laughter,


Holiday Sanity

Today is the last of my holiday tips and it is probably the most important.  My hope is these tips will help you enjoy your holidays even more.

The first one, and please don’t laugh, is manager your stress.

I know this is one of the most stressful times of year.  But how you manage stress influences your body chemistry, health, immune system and so much more.

To quickly manage stress, try this simple breathing exercise.  It can be done anytime, anywhere.  It is called the 4, 7 8 breath.  I even use it to help me fall asleep.  Here goes:

Inhale quietly through your nose to a mental count of four.

Hold your breath for a count of seven.

Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound to a count of eight.

Simple right?

The next tip is drink plenty of water.  Water is one of the most neglected sources of nourishment.  Simply fill up a large glass or bottle, keep it on your desk or bring it with you wherever you go.

Hydration is a natural appetite suppressant and a crucial step toward helping with weight loss and to avoiding junk food binges.  Some studies go as far as saying it is the secret weapon in weight loss.

Water helps to balance electrolytes and keep hunger cues in check. Exact water requirements vary widely among individuals – so, listen to your body and learn how much works for you.

Lastly, make your bedroom your sanctuary. Your bedroom should be used only for sleep and intimacy with your partner.  Avoid watching TV or using a computer in your bedroom and it’s best to keep your electromagnetic exposure to a minimum before bedtime.  Clear the clutter, keep the temperature on the cool side and the room very dark.

This is such a busy time of year, it’s easy to put taking care of yourself on the back burner.  But when that happens our cup empties, our fuse gets short and we get very overwhelmed.

These are just a few simple things that you can easily integrate into your daily life, whether it’s the holidays or not.  I encourage you to give them a try.  You’re worth the time.

Well that’s it for the holiday tips.  I wish you the happiest and healthiest of holidays.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me using the form below if you need additional support.  I’m here to help you live a life that is filled with good health and joy.

Love and Hugs,



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The Party

Tis the season…..for party, after party, after party.  Holy smokes!

This week I’m going to share my experience with the appetizer, dessert and cocktails party.  Here goes.  Let me start with the four steps I live by.

One:  Set an intention for the outcome I want.  At this party my intention was have lots of fun and to only eat foods that I know wouldn’t make me feel icky later that night and the next day.

You see, I know if I eat foods that are way off from my usual way of eating that I will feel bloated, gassy and tired the next day.

Two:  Stay mindful of my thoughts and keep Negative Nellie from tempting me with old habits. (She is so immature)

Three:  Give myself credit.  I’m getting a little used to it.

Four:  Take action to change old behaviors

What I like about this type of party is everyone brings one appetize and one dessert.  So that means I have lots of control over what’s available for me to eat.

Before I get into the food part, I have two things that I always do when I go to cocktail parties.

The first one is to wear shoes that are not very comfortable to stand in for long periods of time.  This forces me to move away from the food tables and sit down.

The second is to eat something before I go.  I usually have a light protein shake.  If I go to a party hungry, I will NOT make sound decisions.

The party was a blast.  Negative Nellie wanted me to have the sugary festive looking Cosmos that were going around but I just put her in her place and had my usual clear fluids cocktail (Grey Goose Martini) in my fancy glass.

I brought a roasted eggplant and walnut dip with watermelon radish to use for dipping.  Since it was rather different compared to all the creamy, cheesy, fried appetizers, only a few of us ate it.  That suited me just fine.

As for the desserts, there were lots of cookies and I love cookies.  So, I had to remind myself how much I did not want to feel bloated and gassy the next day.  (Someone had to be the adult.)  I took one small plate, put several cookies on it, one of the mini cupcakes that I brought and ate those.

BTW I brought mini black bean cupcakes which where delicious and adorable.  No one knew they were made with beans 😊.

All in all, I had a great time, never felt like I deprived myself of a thing and had total control.  And, the more I kept repeating my 4-step pattern, the weaker and weaker Negative Nellie got.

That’s it for today.  I hope you join me next Monday, when I go “live at lunchtime” in my Women’s Wellness group with the last set of tips.


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The Weekend Gathering

The Weekend Gathering








Every year my family gathers for a weekend.  We cook together, eat, play cards, talk, go for walks, and gather as a family to create great memories.

Last weekend was my family gathering and I’ll quickly outline how I stayed true to my healthy lifestyle goals.  I hope you pick up on a pattern.

Let me share again the four steps I live by when I know I’m going into a situation that might elicit Negative Nellie’s nagging opinions.

One:  I set an intention or a goal for the outcome I want.  My intentions for the weekend were to remain true to my lifestyle goals of eating whole food, to be in the “moment”, and to feel good about my decisions.

Two:  To stay mindful of my thoughts.  To be aware of when Negative Nellie starts trying to keep old habits alive and to pave right over her with new positive neural pathways.

Three:  I give myself credit often.  Not ever easy.

Four:  Take action to change old behaviors

Since I wanted as much control over my food as possible, I sent a suggested menu for our main meals to the family for their input and approval prior to our arrival.  That way I would know what to expect and how to plan for my own needs.

Once we arrived in the town where we were staying, we had to grocery shop for the meals.  So I made sure I had eaten lunch before I stepped foot in the grocery store.  That way I could make decisions that weren’t tainted by being hungry.

Groceries were purchased, the entire family arrived, and the festivities began.

The weekend was filled with cooking meals together, cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and lots of fun.

I made sure to make a few vegetable based hors d’ oeuvres like Greek salad on a stick and the usual veggies and hummus.

Yes, there were all types of chips, cheese, crackers, and desserts but it was easy to ignore because I made sure I had whole food alternatives and I focused on what mattered most, my intention of being totally present with those I love.

Can you see the pattern of how I repeat the same 4 steps, time, after time, after time?

I am aware that old patterns and fears will always be there.  But I am also aware that it’s my choice to take action and pave new neural pathways.

I hope you find these tips helpful.  If you know anyone who might benefit from these tips, please share this email with them.  They can ask to be invited to my Facebook group where I share them live by clicking here or receive my blogs by clicking here.

That’s it for today.  I hope you join me next Monday, when I go “live at lunchtime” in my Women’s Wellness group with tips on how to handle the holiday party where there are all types of holiday cocktails and tables full of hors d’oeuvres and desserts.

Ta, ta,



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Happy Hour Tips

Staying mindful of our healthy lifestyle goals can be especially challenging when we are going to “happy hour”.  Here’re my tips on how to stay true-blue to you and still have a fun filled night out.

Let me start with the four steps that I shared last week.  I use these when I know I’m going into a situation that might trigger unwanted behaviors and elicit Negative Nellie’s nagging opinions:

One:  I set an intention or a goal for the outcome I want.

Two:  I stay mindful of my thoughts, both good and bad.

Three:  I give myself credit often.

Four:  I take action to change old behaviors

So here goes:

Driving to the pub, I set my intentions.  I planned to stay for a couple of hours.  I would have one cocktail and at least two glasses of water.  If we order food, I would only eat foods that come as close as possible to my whole food style of eating.  Lastly, when the evening is over I want to feel good about myself.  

The old me would go to happy hour hungry. I would eat very lightly throughout the day, so I could eat pub food.  I learned a long time ago to never go to happy hour (or grocery shopping) hungry.  I also know that alcohol can influence the way I make judgements and I want total control.

So, I choose to eat my usual breakfast and lunch.  Then an hour before I met my friends, I had a light protein drink made with just water and protein powder.

I meet my friends, order a cocktail that is made with clear liquids and not full of sugar. I choose a Grey Goose Martini.  I love martini glasses….they are so much fun!

Now we are talking and having a good time. Someone says, “let’s get a high table and order a bunch of food to share, I’m starving.”  I think to myself……” I’m so thankful I drank that shake!”

We look at the menu and it’s the usual crispy crackling calamari, roasted tomato crostini, chicken wings, truffle parmesan fries, etc. I’m thinking…” oh boy….”.  That’s when I see it…. BRUSSELS & CHORIZO.  It’s just sautéed brussels sprouts with chorizo, caramelized onions & shredded parmesan…PERFECT!

We are all talking, laughing and having a great time when the food comes and everyone starts oohing and ahhing. They all dig into the fried stuff and I’m happily filling my plate with the sprouts, chorizo and a couple of chicken wings.

All in all, I was there for a couple of hours, the time flew by and I had a fantastic time.  As I’m driving home, I think to myself how great I feel and that I need just a little light meal when I get home.  I go home and have some leftover lentil soup.

When I get into bed, I say to myself: “you’ve got this girl……you had a great time, stayed true to your intentions and were in total control.”  I sleep great and wake up the next day ready to take on the day.

Sir Winston Churchill is credited with saying: “Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.”  All it takes to avoid repeating  an old pattern is creating new neural pathways paved with positive actions. We have choices and cultivating change takes time and effort.

That’s it for today….  Stay tuned.  Next week I’ll present a new challenge and the action that can be taken to create a positive outcome.

If you know anyone who might benefit from these tips, please invite them to receive these posts by sharing this email.  They can click here to receive the posts.




The Buffet

Here’s today’s scenario….

I’m going to an all-day holiday business function.

According to the agenda, the morning will start with a continental breakfast and networking.  Then there will be a morning break snacks served, a buffet lunch and afternoon break with coffee and cookies.

I find catered events to be a fun challenge because I never know what food will be served and if the food will serve my needs.

As I was driving to my function, I set an intention for myself to maintain my healthy lifestyle goals and to keep my promises to myself.  I remind myself how certain foods make me feel energetic and other foods make me feel good for the moment that I eat them, but I usually feel crappy after.

I’m feeling on top of my game.

I arrive at the function and skip the breakfast buffet of donuts and bagels.  It was easy todo because I had my power smoothie before I left.

I grab a cup of coffee and start networking with other women.

The function begins, and I go find my seat with my friends.

Now comes the morning break.  Ut oh.  I walk out, and they have mini pastries, fruit, protein bars, juice, soda and coffee.

I ask myself….am I really hungry?

I decide I’m not hungry, but I want to take a look at the protein bars.  I pick one up and read the tiny ingredients list.  Yup, just as I expected, sugar is the second ingredient.  I smile to myself and put it back because I know if I start down the sugar trail I will pay the price by feeling lousy as soon as the sugar boost wears off.  I put the protein bar down and go talk with a few women.

This is where I check in with how I am feeling and what thoughts are going through my head.  So far, I’m feeling confident and happy with myself.  I give myself a mental pat on the back for making good decisions around all that sugar.

Side note:  Giving yourself credit for good decisions throughout the day is a very important tip.  The more credit you give yourself for making good decisions, the less chance Negative Nellie, who lives rent free in your head, can sabotage you.

Finally, it is time for lunch.  I’m hungry.  My morning smoothie has certainly metabolized.  I’m looking forward to eating.

I get to the buffet table and there is an abundance of food.

There are warm croissant sandwiches with ham and melted brie, pasta salad, rolls and cold meats, salad, roasted potatoes, baked rigatoni and meatballs.

I take a second to tune into my feelings and there’s Negative Nellie saying……”oh come on, it’s OK just for today, don’t deprive yourself.  It’s not fair.  Look at all these other women.  They’re eating whatever they want.”

I take a breath and say to Nellie…”get lost bitch.”

I think to myself I am not going to give into those vandalizing thoughts (aka – Negative Nellie).  I’m going to build up my resistance muscle and modify things here a bit.

I decide to do the best I can.  I fill my plate with salad, a few potatoes and a few meatballs.  I’m thinking, “I’m thinking, this should give me what I need so I don’t fall asleep in the afternoon session.”

Now I’m walking down the buffet table and come upon the desserts.

OMG! There are cannoli’s, eclairs and tiramisu!  CRAP!  I quickly remind myself why I’m not going to have any.  Here’s what I say to myself:

“I am so happy I have all that food on my plate because I know how good I feel when I eat good food.  And, those meatballs look delicious.  If I have that tiramisu, I will give myself a total sugar overload.  I’ll won’t feel great after, I might end up in the bathroom which is embarrassing, and I’ll berate myself all night.”

I go sit down with my friends, smile when they make comments about my healthy food choices and give myself credit for walking my talk.

Learning to assess a situation and choose an appropriate action is a vital tool to help initiate the change.

For change to happen you need to be very sure of why the change is important to you and remind yourself of that WHY repeatedly until it becomes part of your DNA.

Your desire to change must be stronger than Negative Nellie and your fear of failure.  Your desire has to trump every other reason your sabotaging self (Negative Nellie) can throw at you.

It is not just a matter of motivation.  It is a thought process of turning those negative thoughts around.

Remember, you have choices……either strengthen your fears or strengthen your resolve.

If you know anyone who might benefit from these tips, please invite them to receive these posts by sharing this email.  They can click here to receive the posts.

That’s it for today….  Stay tuned.  Next week I’ll present a new challenge and the action that can be taken to create a positive outcome.





Staying Mindful During the Holidays

Staying mindful during the holidays can be oh so challenging.

So, I’ve been thinking…..what can I do to give support and help you maintain your healthy habits this the holiday season?

Since a big struggle is around eating healthfully during the holiday season, I decided I’ll share tips to help you stay mindful of eating healthfully during this fun time of year.

So, weekly I’ll send a new “tip” and also share that tip “live” at noon on Monday’s in the Women’s Wellness Facebook group.

My tips will be thought and action-based techniques for managing behaviors through self-awareness.

I’ll present different realistic situations that might come up, show you how thoughts and behaviors influence decisions, and what actions can be taken to create a positive outcome.

We have thoughts about thoughts all day long.  Those thoughts bring about feelings. The more we become aware of our responses to our thoughts, whether our response is another thought or a feeling, the more opportunity we will have to create a positive outcome.  Keep in mind it is the small positive actions repeated over time that create change.

So, stay tuned.

Next week I’m going to present solutions for how to handle that holiday business function where breakfast, lunch and snacks are catered and there is an abundance of food.  I promise to send a fun and realistic solution that will create a positive outcome.

If you have a situation coming up that you would like me to help you out with, please reply to this email and I’ll be happy to discreetly use your story in one of my blogs.

One more thing, if you know anyone who might benefit from the information I’ll be sharing, please either send them this link to sign up for the blog or this link to join the Facebook Group.

That’s it for today.

Hope you have a sparkling day!





Can Food Be Medicine?

There are so many reasons why we should pay attention to what we eat.  Especially this time of year when we are spending more time indoors.

Often healthy eating is associated with weight loss and there’s no denying that eating more healthfully will contribute to a smaller waist line.  But more importantly, incorporating healthy eating into our lifestyles will not only reduce our risk for getting a life-threatening disease, it’s a great way to boost immunity to help fight off colds and flu.

Did you know that climate-controlled chambers and cold and dry conditions, simulating winter in New England, allow exhaled viruses to stay suspended in the air longer than under other conditions? That is because droplets of moisture around them evaporate quickly, making the pathogens lightweight.  Kind of gross to think about all those germs and viruses floating around us.

That’s why we need to pay attention to what we eat so we can give our body the nutrients it needs to fight off those icky germs and viruses.

Seeing our food as medicine helps us make better decisions about what we eat.  Perhaps more than anything else in our lives, the foods we regularly eat can help keep us healthy. Though no food or nutrient is a cure-all against disease, eating healthfully will certainly contribute to warding off illnesses and wintertime colds and flu.

Our immune system is hardwired to attack anything that it sees as foreign, such as germs and viruses.  The process of attacking these pathogens is called inflammation and it is the body’s defense mechanism.  Occasional bouts of inflammation protect us against threatening health robbing invaders.

However, when inflammation is a constant visitor, it is not good.  Chronic inflammation can quickly become our enemy.  The good news is that we can lessen and even prevent chronic bad inflammation with diet and lifestyle thus producing a healthy immune system.  And a healthy immune system will help fight off those attackers.

Our diet doesn’t need to be “perfect” to be healthy.

Why not start by making just one or two changes?

Maybe start by removing one or two of the foods that are known to be unhealthy such as refined carbs, fried foods, processed meat or sugar-laden beverages.

What do you have to lose?  Might as well give a try.

Then you can add back in healthy whole foods that will boost your immune system and fight chronic inflammation.

Here are two delicious dairy-free recipes to get you started:

Creamy Garlic Soup

Creamy Potato Kale Soup with Sausage

Well that’s it for today.  I hope this information inspires you because maintaining a healthy immune system is nothing to sneeze at.

If you are struggling with eating more healthfully, I would love to help.  Just fill out the form below and let’s have a conversation.

Peace, love and veggies,






Where Does My Sweet Sugar Hide?

You would be surprised the number of foods that are secretly packed with that sweet seductive stuff.

Studies have found that the major food and beverage sources of added sugars for Americans are:

  • refined carbohydrates like bagels, sweet rolls, pastries and doughnuts
  • sweetened teas and fruit drinks, such as iced tea, fruit punch, etc.
  • dairy desserts, including ice cream
  • energy drinks and sports drinks
  • candy
  • desserts, cakes, cookies, pies and cobblers

These sources of sugar might seem obvious, but they aren’t the only foods responsible for increased sugar consumption. Added sugars are found in thousands of common food and beverages found in most grocery stores, including “natural” and organic foods.

Here are 10 of the most common “healthy” foods that are playing hide and seek with sugar:

  • Cereals and granolas
  • Breads, including “whole grain”
  • Snack or granola bars
  • Drinks, like coffees, energy drinks, blended juices and teas
  • Protein bars and powders
  • Yogurts and other dairy products (like flavored kefir, frozen yogurt, etc.)
  • Frozen waffles or pancakes
  • Bottled sauces, dressings, condiments and marinades (like tomato sauce, ketchup, relish or teriyaki, for example)
  • Dried fruit and other fruit snacks

If you are someone who craves sweets and sugar often, then you would be wise to avoid it until your taste buds come back to not needing the sweet stimulation.

Living a healthy life doesn’t mean you have to give up sugar entirely.  If you focus on eating a whole food diet and very occasionally indulge, will be on the right path.

Need more help with giving up sugar?  Sign up for my free 3-day sugar cleanse that starts Monday, November 5th and ends Wednesday November.  It is a great place to start.

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Are they really better than sugar?

Tell me….if you see the word “natural” associated with sugar, do you automatically think it’s something that is good for you?

Holy smokes….that word is so misleading, especially when it comes to labeling food.

When people use the term natural sweetener, they typically mean sweeteners that aren’t refined granulated sugar or are less processed than sugar.

Some of the claims attributed to natural sweeteners are:

  • they have minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants
  • they’re lower on the glycemic index scale (may not raise blood sugar as much as other sweeteners)
  • they’re lower in fructose/glucose
  • they are much healthier for you than sugar

Please, don’t be fooled by these misleading claims.

Some natural sweeteners are agave nectar, brown rice syrup, coconut sugar, date sugar, honey, maple syrup; molasses, organic cane sugar, sucanat, and turbinado sugar (raw sugar).

There are claims that turbinado sugar and organic cane sugar are healthier and less processed than sugar.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Turbinado sugar is refined cane juice and is a little darker with hints of molasses because it contains more impurities. Organic cane sugar is from organically grown sugar cane.  Both are highly refined and very similar to table sugar in terms of nutrition and how your body metabolizes them.

What does all of this mean?  It means you’re out of luck if you’re choosing these sugars because you think they provide superior nutrition.

A few years ago, I was fooled by the agave syrup trend because it was supposedly less processed.  The reality is, it is highly processed to deliver a refined and clear syrup, so it’s hard to argue that it is less processed.  Sigh….live and learn!

There are a few sweeteners that are less processed than sugar and retain some minerals and other substances. But….does this make them a better choice than refined sugar?  You decide….


Honey is a sweetener many choose over sugar for health reasons, and its claimed benefits range from preventing cancer and heart disease to regulating blood sugar. Honey does contain trace amounts of minerals and antioxidants. Darker honey has a stronger flavor and contains more antioxidants, but the amount is negligible compared to other foods like fruits and vegetables that offer many health benefits.  As one of the oldest sweeteners on earth, and the product of honeybees foraging nectar from flowers, honey is truly amazing and offers wonderful flavors.  But despite terrific tastes that vary with the seasons and flowers, and diverse culinary uses, your body treats honey pretty much like refined sugar, and you shouldn’t consume honey for health reasons.

Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is promoted as a good source of magnesium, but it has only 1 mg of magnesium per teaspoon. Compare that to ½ cup of cooked spinach with 80 mg magnesium, ½ cup black beans with 60 mg magnesium, or one medium banana with 30 mg magnesium. If coconut sugar makes your recipe taste great, go for it. But keep in mind that coconut sugar has the same calorie and carbohydrate content as regular sugar and is mostly sucrose.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is a product from the boiled sap of maple trees.  Maple syrup contains small amounts antioxidants and minerals (calcium, potassium, and iron), and a moderate amount of potassium and zinc. It is a good source of manganese, but, you would be better off getting your manganese from nuts and seeds, leafy greens, unrefined whole grains, or legumes.

Brown Rice Syrup

Brown rice syrup sounds healthy and you will see it in many commercial granola, cereal, and fruit-and-nut type bars. Similar to all sweeteners, your body breaks down brown rice syrup and treats it like other sweeteners, whether it is organic or not, part of a healthy cookie, or poured on pancakes.  Bottom line, its sugar.


Molasses is the dark liquid that remains after sugar is extracted from sugar cane. It comes in several varieties depending on the level of processing. Blackstrap molasses is the least refined and a notable exception for getting nutrition beyond calories from a sweetener. But because of its bitter flavor, it typically not substituted for sugar.

Keep in mind, just because it is marketed as natural does not make it healthy.  For example, simply adding the word fruit to the word sugar makes people think it is healthier. In this study, consumers looking at cereal ingredients perceived the cereal with fruit sugar as healthier than the cereal with sugar, although the nutrient profiles of both cereals were the same.  Fruit juice concentrate is a common sweetener in many foods, but it is no healthier than sugar, and organic fruit juice gummy bears with no artificial flavors are not better for you than Jujyfruits.

So my take on this is despite marketing claims and labels that suggest otherwise, is that natural sweeteners are not any better for you than refined sugar.

Your best bet is to become an informed consumer, eat more whole foods, and consume less sugar, from all sources.

If you are ready to kick the sugar habit, sign up for my Free 3-day sugar cleanse that starts Monday, November 5th and ends Wednesday November 7th.  Who knows, maybe this short and sweet 😊 cleanse will help you start your New Year free living more healthfully.

Until next time my sweet,

Strategy to Reduce Fat Storage

One of the best strategies to reduce fat storage is to stabilize your blood sugar.

A recent study showed that when it comes to losing weight, reducing fat storage, and keeping it off for more than two years, only 15-20% of dieters kept their weight off.  One main reason was that they were never taught how to balance their blood sugar.

When you eat sugar rich foods from processed foods, beverages, even that little shot of juice from your juicer, your pancreas goes into overdrive, producing a surge of insulin. This insulin surge tells your body that plenty of energy is available, and that it should stop burning fat and start storing it.

According to Dr. Mark Hyman:

If we make too much insulin, it drives the fuel in our blood into our fat cells. Too much insulin also does a lot of other bad things like cause heart attacks, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, cancer and dementia.

When it comes to causing spikes of insulin that start this miserable chain reaction, not all calories are created equally. Sugar and refined carb calories are the culprits.

He goes on to say:

Focus on what you eat, the quality of the food you eat, and the composition of the food you eat. Then, you won’t be hungry and will shift from fat storage to fat burning.

So how does one go about balancing their blood sugar?

It is simple.  You can naturally balance your blood sugar by eating meals rich in whole food protein, carbohydrate, healthy fat, vegetables and fruit (see this plate as a reference).  This will help you feel full, will bridge the gap from one meal to the next without a dip in blood sugar and will stabilize blood sugar so your body will burn fat and have consistent energy throughout the day.

Losing weight and keeping it off won’t happen just by reducing your caloric intake.  It will happen by focusing on implementing a few small healthy changes day, after day, after day.

Do you think you eat foods with too much sugar? Sign up for my FREE 3-day Sugar Cleanse.  It will provide you with practical steps to kick your sugar habit.



“You see, there is no magic bullet, quick fix, or quantum leap method to reach success.” 
Jeff Olson, Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success & Happiness

Kick the Seduction of Sugar

Refined sugar is so enticing.  It is an amazing mood booster.  It prompts the body to release dopamine and serotonin (our happy and pleasure hormones) and creates an instant little lift.  This is why people will turn to sugar in times of stress, difficulty or when we crave comfort.

We have all been warned of the dangers of alcohol and drugs, but we have never been cautioned against the dangers of refined sugar.

So why is refined sugar so dangerous?

When we eat sugar, our blood sugar spikes and insulin is released.  Then blood sugar rapidly drops, and we crave sugar again, like a drug addict craving their drug.

The good news is we can quickly reverse that craving by cutting refined sugars out of our diet.  And, once we let go of sugar, our cravings will go away.

It won’t be easy.  Sugar is seductive and you may experience some feelings of withdrawals.

And by the way, don’t think the difficulties associated with refined sugar will go away by using artificial sweeteners.  They are even worse.  These chemicals confuse the metabolism, cause the body to store fat improperly and come with the same if not worse withdrawal symptoms.

But not to worry because good things will happen when the sugar habit is kicked.

We will lower inflammation and boost our immune system.

study found that eating 100g of sugar (equal to ½ of a Krispy Kreme glazed donut) lowered the ability of white blood cells to kill bacteria by as much as 50% and this immunosuppression lasted for up to 5 hours. Sugar also contributes to chronic inflammation, which lowers our immune system’s ability to fight off colds and flu.

This means when we cut refined sugar out of our diet we will be able to fight off colds and flu better and may even reduce allergy and asthma symptoms.

We will also sleep better.

Eating or drinking sugar before bed can supercharge stress hormones which can lead to not sleeping.

So, what happens to our sleep when we stop eating sugar?  We will have better quality sleep within just a few days of kicking the habit.

Also, our moods will improve, and we will experience decreased depressive and anxiety symptoms.  I know what you are thinking…..but, but, but…those salted caramel filled chocolates boost my mood.

Guess what?  The exact opposite is what really happens.

Sugar tends to worsen depressive and anxiety symptoms and it also impairs a person’s ability to cope with stress.

While eliminating refined sugar alone may not cure anxiety and depression, it can help to minimize symptoms, boost energy levels, improve mood and the body’s ability to cope with stress.

I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here.

There is so much information on this topic. The moral of the story is to learn how to crowd out refined sugar and add in sugar from the appropriate whole food choices.

If you are ready learn how to kick the sugar habit, I’ll be hosting a FREE 3-day Sugar Cleanse in just a few weeks.  If you are interested, you can register here.



Are You Looking For A Wakey Juice Cocktail Mid Afternoon

Do you look for a caffeine infusion after lunch to help you concentrate?  Do you find yourself wishing you had a place to catch some z’s around 2:00-3:00 PM?

Here are a few common reasons this might occur and ideas on how to keep it from happening.

What did you eat for lunch?

Simple carbohydrates like breads, white rice or pasta can cause a rapid spike in blood sugar followed by a drop.  That drop can leave you feeling tired and cranky.  Try eating a lunch following a plan like the Healthy Methods plate pictured below. This will help you to have an abundance of energy for the rest of the day.  And, there’s an additional bonus.  You won’t walk in the house famished and ready to dive into the chips when you get home.


What did you eat for breakfast?

Forgoing the most important meal of the day may lead to an energy crash around 2:00-3:00 PM.  Eating a healthy breakfast using the plan above will sustain your energy throughout the day. If you are tight for time, try a protein shake. Just make sure that protein shake has all the nutrients you need and isn’t high-loaded with fruit.  If you need some help with ideas around this, let’s talk.

Maybe you are a little dehydrated.

Even mild dehydration can make you feel tired, sluggish and moody.  So, drink your water!

Have you been sitting too long?

Your blood carries oxygen and nutrients to your skin, brain, and every cell in your body. Sitting and working away might earn you points with your boss, but it can also make you feel pretty drowsy.  Your body associate’s stillness with going to sleep.  Get up and move every 30-minutes.

Maybe your body temperature has dropped.

A dip in your core body temperature naturally happens between 2:00-3:00 pm.  It triggers the release of the sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin.  To prevent this, get moving so you warm up.  Go for a walk at lunchtime, have a walking meeting, or walk up and down the stairs quickly several times.

Avoid Sugar.

A little sugar goes a long way in the wrong direction. Consuming sweets leads to a sugar-high which leads to a sugar crash, causing us to become even sleepier.  So, ditch the donuts!

This is my favorite.

A midday trip to the gym or a vigorous 30-minute walk will not only boost productivity, it will ward off sleepiness, too. Don’t have time to hit the gym? Let’s talk about 30-minute workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime.

Ok….these are the goodies to keep you fired up and ready to roll throughout your day.  In my humble opinion these are pretty easy to implement.  Let me know what you think!

High fives,

If you think you need more support to stay jazzed up and energized throughout your day, let’s talk.

Do You Feel Creaky as the Tin Man?

In my practice, I often hear “When I wake up, I feel creaky as the Tin Man?”

There can be so many factors that contribute to waking up feeling like the Tin Man.

For today I’ll focus on flexibility, mobility and stability of the joint.

Flexibility is the ability of a muscle to lengthen or stretch when needed.  Think of it like a rubber band. If you pull both ends and it stretches. If it doesn’t stretch, it’s inflexible. It’s the same principle with muscles.

Mobility on the other hand is the ability of a joint to move actively through an intended range of motion. Let’s look at your shoulder joint.  It is designed so that you can move your arm forward, backward, side-to-side and in circles. If it can move like it should, the joint has healthy mobility. If you can’t move in all those directions, for example you can’t keep your arms next to your ears when raising your arms overhead, that’s a lack of mobility.

Stability is defined as the ability of the joint to maintain control of movement by coordinating the actions of surrounding muscles and ligaments.  Stability of a joint depends on 3 main factors:

* *the shape, size and arrangement the bones that connect joint;

**the ligaments in the joint;

**the tone of the muscles surrounding the joint.

This is why I love the exercise bodyweight squats so much.  They are a great example of flexibility, mobility and stability.  We need flexibility in our muscles to bend at the hip, mobility in our joint to perform the squat without hurting our knees or back, and joint stability to move thru the movement without assistance.

I think the best way to keep things flexible, mobile and stable is to work on it every day.

Here are two everyday examples of how you can acquire flexibility, mobility and stability without going to the gym.

When you are emptying the dishwasher, notice how are you bending when you pick up the dishes? How you are bending when you put them away in a lower cabinet?  Do you bring your torso down with your legs straight or bent or are your bending from your hips, knees and ankles into a squat?  Bending as in a squat will help you keep your joints mobile and your muscles flexible, while strengthening your stabilizing muscles.

How about when you are walking or sitting? Are you aware of your posture?  Simply keeping your head, shoulders and hips in alignment will help.  Oh and of course, when you are sitting, and you get up, please do it without using your hands or swinging your feet.

You are only as strong as your weakest link.  The key to getting stronger and more fit is to “oil up” those joints every day, so you aren’t as creaky as the Tin Man.  And the best way to do that is to get moving!

I hope this helps.

P.S.  If you need help setting up workout that can be done anytime, anywhere, one that keeps you agile and supple, let’s set up a discovery call to chat.  Let’s see if working together would be a good fit.

I woke up the other day and started crying….

Hello there!

I woke up the other day and started crying….but they weren’t tears of sadness.  They were happy tears!  I was happy because I realized a year had already gone by since I relaunched Healthy Methods!

It has been an exciting year that’s for sure.  I have had so many amazing opportunities to learn, serve and lead.  That’s why I would like to share my joy and celebrate by gifting you a few resources.

I know that eating healthfully and taking care of yourself can be demanding.   But as Sir Francis Brown said “knowledge is power.  Which is why I am sharing these resources.  The more you know, the less you struggle or get overwhelmed.

These resources are science-backed, well researched and provide useful information.  You would be surprised how just a few simple changes can make a big difference in your energy level, as well as your overall health.

Consider these an anniversary gift from me to help support your journey toward good health.

Thanks for following me and here’s to many more amazing years.



P.S.  If you struggle with living the healthy lifestyle that you desire, I would like to help.  Just contact me and let’s schedule a few minutes to chat.

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Accountability Challenge

Would you like a reason to get back into regular exercise?  How about an easy to do challenge?

Between 9/4/2018 and 9/30/2018:

Simply send me an email telling what you did for 30-minutes of sustained activity that day and how it paired with the theme for the week (explained below).

Workout 3-5 times a week

Your 30-minute workout can be a structured workout like the workouts in the video section of my Women’s Wellness Facebook group, it could be a run or walk outdoors, a bike ride, or even cleaning your house.  It just needs to be some type of SUSTAINED activity for at least 30-minutes and you need to exercise 3-5 times a week.

If you use Facebook, and would like to participate through my Women’s Wellness Group so you have access to a few workout videos, let me know and I’ll send you an invitation to the group.

You can do this.  There are 1440 minutes in a day…. you can find at least 30 minutes to dedicate to YOU!

To add a little fun, let’s pair each week with a theme.

9/4-9/8 – Core – let’s focus our workouts to have with 5 or more minutes devoted to abdominal exercise.  For example:  let’s say your sustained exercise is going for a walk in the woods.  How can you add in 5 minutes of core work?  It’s easy. Along the way drop and plank for 30-60 seconds 5 or 10 times or stop and do some standing bicycle crunches or standing bird-dog exercises.  I’ll add videos each of these exercises into the Facebook group.

9/9-9/15 – BOOTY – let’s focus our workouts on booty.  That’s easy because pretty much any exercise that involves the lower body covers it.  Want to mix it up a bit?  When you are out walking add 30-60 seconds of walking lunges.  If you are walking up the stairs, walk up every other step.

9/16-9/22 – HEARTRATE – let’s focus our workouts on getting our heartrate up for 20 minutes of the 30 minutes you are exercising.  Again, it doesn’t have to be a structured Circuit or HIIT workout like the ones in the video section of the Facebook group.  If you are out walking, stop and do 15-30 seconds of mountain climbers or step out jacks.  Or just walk or vacuum briskly enough to get your heartrate up using the guide below using a perceived exertion level of 5-6.

1-You can converse with no effort

3 – You can converse with almost no effort

4-you can converse comfortably with little effort

5-conversation requires some effort

6-conversation requires quite a bit of effort

7-conversation request a lot of effort

8-conversation requires maximum effort

9-10-no-talking zone

9/23-9/30 – FLEXIBILITY – Let’s focus on getting 5 or more minutes of stretching into our workout.  If you enjoy walking as your workout, add in 5 minutes of stretching at the end.  If you are going to use your housecleaning as your workout, give yourself 5 minutes when you are done to do some stretches.  Check the video section of the Facebook group for a stretching workout.

If you have a history quitting, here’s what I suggest:

Make a list of why exercising is important to you and read that list EVERYDAY.

If you find yourself making excuses for not working out, you have two choices.

You can either strengthen your excuse by not working out or you can strengthen your resolve by saying “go away and annoy someone else” to your excuse and take action by getting up and working out.

If the above doesn’t work and you continue to struggle with motivation, come to me.  Let me encourage and support you. That’s what this is for.

This is all about becoming consistent with your workout.  Communicate with me and I’ll be there to help you every way I can.  By the end of this challenge, I know you will be more focused on exercising regularly.   I can’t want to celebrate your victories with you!

So, are you in?

 P.S. If this challenge peaks your interest in private coaching, just fill out the form below and let’s set up a time to chat.


Train Your Brain So It Doesn’t Hold You Hostage

There’s that voice again.  The one that keeps saying you are too busy, need some down time and some chores need to be done before you can exercise?

Then there’s the voice that says, go ahead you deserve to eat those cupcakes, you worked hard today?

Or the biggest voice of all, the one that asks you how many more times are you going to fail?

As a coach I refer to those voices as your destructive thoughts and I’m here to tell you that there is a method that can help you tune those voices down.  You can even train your brain, so they can no longer hold you hostage and instead, make them work for you.

There is one condition for this method to work, and it’s big.  You must be absolutely sure that your desire for change means more to you than staying the same.  If you have that deep desire, keep reading.

The first step.

You must become aware of your destructive thoughts; the feelings associated with them and write them down.

I think this is one of the hardest steps toward changing your behavior.  Destructive thoughts can be unpleasant, addictive and they elicit deep feelings that you often don’t want to deal with.

Writing your destructive thoughts down opens doors that would otherwise be closed.  With a written record of your thoughts and feelings you can examine not only the thoughts themselves, but also the frequency, the timing, and any patterns that might exist. This trains your brain to notice future destructive thoughts faster and with more efficiency.

Second you need to learn how to challenge your thoughts.

Challenging your destructive thoughts will set off every alarm and slam every excuse into your consciousness.  Be aware, your old habits will want you to cave in.

When you encounter a destructive thought that is difficult to challenge, try to imagine this.  Someone you love has come to you for advice.  They are sharing this destructive thought with you.  What would you say to help them challenge their destructive thoughts?

Lastly, practice action-oriented thinking.

For example.  Let’s say you find yourself thinking: I don’t want to exercise, I’d rather sit on the couch and watch the news.

Ask yourself:  how does doing this make me feel?  You think …. relaxed, I deserve some down time.

Now ask yourself:  How would I feel if I went and exercised.  (Be very specific and honest with your answer.)

You think: I feel resentful that I have to get off the couch.  I’m comfy.

Now challenge that with:  But I really want to stop taking some of these medications.  If I exercise I will be taking control of my health.  Maybe I can even cut back on my anxiety medication.  I actually think is causing me to gain weight and have diarrhea.  And if I can cut back on my meds I’ll be in control.  Its only 30 minutes.  I’ll be even more comfortable and relaxed when I’m done.

Now, get up off the couch, take action, and go workout.

If you truly desire change, you can train your brain to disrupt the old patters of thinking. It’s not about discipline.  It is about putting your brain into training and taking action, again, and again and again.

Here’s to being in control.


P.S.  If you deeply desire change and would like information about behavioral nutrition and fitness coaching that can be done anytime, anywhere, just reply to this message and let’s set up a time to chat.

Life Changing Tips to Help You Overcome “Over Spending Syndrome” at Farmers Markets – Recipes included

Hi there, Patti here with help that I hope will change the way you eat!

Do you go to farm stands or the farmers market only to come home having spent more money than you wish you had and wondering “what am I going to do with all of this?”

If you do, then keep reading because I have an action plan to help.

By now you know that I think food is fun. I love taking advantage of all the locally grown produce and pasture raised meats from farmers markets and farm stands this time of year and crafting them into a meal.

But I used to have “overspending at farmers market syndrome”.

Ugh!  I would end up with an abundance of everything that looked beautiful! Like deep green cucumbers, beautiful kale, and rich red tomatoes.  Sooooo, I created an action plan to help me overcome this syndrome.

My problem # 1 was:  I purchased too many vegetables.

Solution: plan meals starting with vegetables first.

I use this plate as my starting place.  If I know I am going to fill my plate with veggies first, then then rest is easy.

Planning my meals this way keeps me nourished and I have total control over my meals.  I like that…..

But what happens if you have an abundance of one beauteous veggie, like kale.

That’s when I will vary my protein and starch and serve the abundant vegetable many different ways.

One night it will be in a salad, one night I’ll sauté it, one night I’ll add a warm protein and starch to a salad to make it a little different.

One of my newest recipes is this kale and quinoa salad.  It was so easy and delicious.  Even my husband liked it and he is super anti-kale and anti-quinoa.

Problem #2 was:  spending too much money!

Solution:  Make a plan, work the plan and shop from a list.

I do my grocery shopping from a list that I put together after I pick up my farm share.  And, before I go shopping do a quick in-home inventory check then I put together a meal plan (see an example here with some great recipes).

Having a meal plan and a list keeps me from buying too much at the grocery store; I don’t waste food because I use leftovers in my plan; and we hardly ever buy take-out.  It helps me have a more peaceful relationship with mealtime because I have a plan.

Oh, and I use a great app. called Grocery IQ.  I love it because it syncs with my husbands’ devices, so he can put things on the grocery list.  It eliminates all those stickies on the counter.

If you were avoiding your local farmers market or farm stands because you had “over spending syndrome” I hope these tips help.

Buying your food from a farmer’s market, farm share or local farm stand gives you the opportunity to connect with the folks that work so hard to make it readily available to us.  Who knows, you might just find a new veggie that you love.

Peace, love and happy meal planning,

P.S.  If you are ready to create an action plan to help you overcome what’s holding you back from losing weight, just fill out the form below and let’s talk about my Behavioral Fitness and Nutrition program.  This is a virtual coaching program that can be done anytime and anywhere.

The Web of Pain

Here’s a quick story about pain.

A client came to me and said, “I am having major neck and upper back pain.  It is so bad I’m getting headaches.  Can you help me?”

She said she was crabby, exhausted, and in pain all the time.  She wasn’t doing things with her friends because she couldn’t.

She had tried massage, stretching, exercise, hot baths, ice you name it.  Nothing worked anymore.

She needed something different, so she came to me.

After a few treatments, she no longer walked like a robot and her demeanor had changed significantly.

Are you wondering what I did?

I used a tool that helps to manipulate fascia and it is great for pain relief.

What the heck is fascia?

Fascia is a thin sheath of fibrous tissue that surrounds our muscles, nerves and organs.  It is a delicate system that looks similar to a spider web.

Now imagine a few of those very delicate spider web like fibers being stuck together.

These web-like stuck together fibers tend to get dense and hard. When they get dense and hard they don’t move very well and cause pain like headaches, piriformis syndrome, low back pain, and more.

Stuck is not good.

Stuck means that things are not moving as they should.  Kind of like an internal traffic jam.

We want our fascia to be open, not stuck.

When it is open and juicy it gives the muscles, nerves and bones etc. more space to do their job.

The human body is incredibly adaptive.  But adapting to pain can shape how we live and have long term consequences on our lives.

Chronic pain can affect every aspect of our life including relationships, employment and our ability to participate in normal activities.

We deserve to live as comfortably as possible, without chronic aches and pains.  If you feel stuck in a web of pain and would like to know more about the type of fascia therapy I provide, fill out the form below and let’s talk.





P.S.  If you want to see fascia up close and personal, take a look at this video. I show something similar to all of my clients.

Are you stuck?

Is this you?

The party is over, everyone is in bed and you are cleaning up.

You take one cupcake……before you know it you ate all the cupcakes that were left.

The next morning when your husband asks you “how are you honey” you fake a smile and say “I’m fine” because you don’t want to tell him the truth…. which is you are not doing well at all.

A few days later you go to the doctor, who you dread going to because you know she is going to tell you that you have gained weight, and you tell her how badly you are feeling then let her prescribe an antidepressant medication.

Yikes, it’s like being in a prison of misery and despair.

You have two choices.

You can stay right where you are.  As uncomfortable as it may be, you are choosing it as your comfort zone.


You can make a decision to learn how to get out of your own way.  How to understand what is working against you and why.  And how to use that information to shift your thoughts to work for you instead of against you.

If you are serious about getting unstuck, it is time to learn something new.  And it isn’t another diet.  That’s the last thing you need.

But you do need something powerful.  Something that will turn your comfort zone upside down.

Maybe we need to talk about my behavioral approach to wellness program.  It is a powerful program but it is not for just anyone.  This program will only work if your desire to change is greater than your choice to stay right where you are.

This program does not give a quick fix or magic pill. There is work involved and the results from this program are not typical.

Clients who have completed this program change the way they think and behave.

If you are ready to move out of your painful comfort zone, let’s talk.  Contact me so we can set up a time to chat.  I’ll share all the details and we can see if we are a good fit for each other.


Escape the Unpleasantries of Bloat and Gas

After a meal, do you ever feel bloated, have uncomfortable gas and the stomach gurgles?

It used to happen to me all the time.  I would have a weird feeling like my stomach had a balloon in it.  I would have the gurgles like I still wanted to eat and gas would be rumbling around in my stomach.

After many years of living with discomfort, I figured out what was going on.

First, I found out I was not eating enough healthy fats.  This was during the low-fat craze.  Because I was eating mostly low fat, processed food, I always felt bloated, gassy and never satisfied.

So, I had to learn about healthy fats and how to add them into to my meals.  I learned that meals either too low or too high in any type of fat would increase bloating and digestive discomfort.

Finding the right balance of healthy fat combined with vegetables, whole food carbohydrates and high-quality protein, is what solved my problem.  Once I started eating that miracle combination, I did not experience bloat, gas or the stomach gurgles.

Then, because I was eating mostly processed foods, I learned that I was not absorbing nutrients.  That is why I felt bloated, experienced digestive issues and was exhausted all the time.  The processed food that I ate either sat in my belly or moved through very quickly rather than efficiently being metabolized and used for energy.

There were a bunch of other culprits that caused bloating, gas and that feeling of being hungry.  Like eating too fast, chewing gum, not chewing my food thoroughly, drinking carbonated beverages, eating dairy products, even eating simple carbohydrates like fruit, pasta, and bread.

Learning to eat healthy whole food and finding my unique balance was the beginning of my journey to free myself from stinky digestive discomfort.

If you struggle with feeling bloated, gassy and hungry, start by making a few simple changes.  Try crowding out simple carbohydrates and processed foods and add in clean, high quality whole foods.

One of the most powerful tools to combat inflammation and digestive discomfort comes not from the pharmacy, but from the grocery store.

That’s it for today.

Wishing you a sparkling day,



P.S. If you need some help learning how to crowd out those foods that cause you discomfort, let’s talk.  Let’s work together to create a healthy, pleasurable way of eating that is designed just for you.


It’s Ice Cream Time

It is hot here in Connecticut and it is ice cream season.

I LOVE ice cream.  Unfortunately, dairy products do not like me.   However, that does not hold me back.  I just crowd out what I cannot have by adding in what’s good.   So I am sharing my two dairy free ice cream recipes:

Lime Coconut Chocolate Chip and Blueberry Cashew Cream.

They are so easy to make and delicious.




P.S.  If you would like some help learning how to eat ice cream guilt free, let’s set up a discovery call to chat.  Let’s see if working together would be a good fit.

Can we talk?

I’m constantly hearing about the newest and greatest “diet”.  Weight Watchers, Volumetric, The Dash, Mediterranean, Paleo, Keto…..yikes!

In all the years that I have been in the health and fitness field, I have seen so many women go on a diet, deprive themselves and lose weight, only to put it right back on because they could not continue their life on their “diet.”

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you must do something vastly different from dieting.

You need to learn new skills.  Skills that will help you make cravings go away.  Skills that will help you deal with trigger eating situations and skills that will help you conquer every excuse and feeling that causes you to overeat.

Learning these skills will teach you how to make your struggles work in your favor.  And it is challenging work.  It is certainly harder than being on a diet.  Because the fear associated with change runs deep.  So deep, that many would rather stay stuck and continue to avoid looking at themselves in the mirror.

If you really want to change, the most important thing you can do to ensure your success is to work with a mentor or coach.  One who will not only be supportive but is also skilled at asking you the tough questions that will be your catalyst to change.

Someone who will help you push through the hard part of becoming consciously aware of how awful you feel about yourself and the feelings associated with that.

One who will give you an action plan to turn those awful feelings around, so they work for you.  A plan that will build your confidence, so you know how to make every feeling, craving and excuse work to your advantage.

When you try to go it alone or even in a group you stay in isolation mode, where fear and doubt easily take hold.  You end up trying diet after diet and eventually just give up.

You are worth so much more.  You only have one body, why not learn how to love it?

P.S.  If you are ready to change your beliefs and change your life, I still have a limited number of spots open in my private coaching program. Message me and let’s chat.

Do you crave chocolate?

Chocolate has been a treat for thousands of years.  It has been considered everything from health food to junk food and it is one of the main foods that people crave.

For many of my clients, chocolate is a frequent craving, but what does it mean? Helping my clients deconstruct their cravings is one of the things I do as a health coach.  So, let’s take a minute to look at a few possible reasons behind chocolate cravings.

First is exhaustion.  If you have not slept well, you are more likely to crave foods that will boost your energy and chocolate is one of them.  Unfortunately, the energy you get from chocolate only lasts for a brief time before your energy levels dip and you begin looking for more of it.

If you feel exhaustion may be contributing to your cravings, you may want to look at your sleep hygiene.  Maybe you need to turn your bedroom into a more sleep inducing environment.  Try keeping it quiet, dark and cool and get computers, TV and work materials out of your bedroom.

The next reason you may crave chocolate is stress.  Cravings for sweet foods like chocolate are an appealing choice because they offer a boost of endorphins that you unconsciously seek to help cope with stress.  Chronic stress can take a toll on your health.  Try managing your stress by taking time for self-care, deep breathing and moderate exercise.

If you have thoughts of chocolate dancing in your head, it may be helpful to explore your feelings around your sugar cravings.  Become conscious of your thoughts.  Are you using chocolate to help you deal with your emotions?  Ask yourself: “if I eat a small amount of this chocolate, how will it affect me?”

Eating chocolate is by no means a terrible thing.  Take a bit of time before starting to eat the chocolate so you can get in the right frame of mind.  Learn to make that craving work for you.  Eat your chocolate mindfully and slowly.  Truly savor the experience.

Every time you stand up to your cravings, you strengthen your long-term resolve and you are more likely to be satisfied with a smaller amount and less likely to binge.

If you have been seriously thinking about getting help strengthening that long-term resolve and getting your life back, it is time to sign-up for my Three Pillars of Wellness program. I still have a few spots left so message me and let’s chat.

Hoping your day is full of blessings,


I Just Started Exercising and Dieting – Why Have I GAINED weight!

Over the years I have seen women go gung-ho with a new diet and exercise program only to find a month or so down the road that they have gained weight.

Has that ever happened to you?

If it has, there is a remarkably simple reason.

Most women’s weight loss and exercise programs proclaim that you need to do longer, harder workouts and follow a restrictive diet to lose weight and increase your metabolism.

And you know what?  Often times that does not go well with your hormones.

Instead of speeding up your metabolism, the negative effects from a reduced calorie diet and long, hard workouts confuse your body and your metabolism responds by producing stress hormones.  Those stress hormones slow down your metabolism and your body will then hold on to weight instead of losing it.

What’s a body to do?

Rather than stressing your body and yourself by restricting your caloric intake and exercising long and hard, just eat three nutrient dense meals a day and exercise regularly at a moderate pace.  That will turn your body into a machine that works for you instead of against you.

Sounds simple right? Well, it is!

moderate workout program will get you stronger, you will lose inches and produce those happy hormones called endorphins.  A good nutrition program will help you get healthier, have more energy and lose some weight.

But what about sustaining your weight loss and making your workout routine a habit?

That’s where the challenging work comes in and this is what could really change your results for life.

To keep that weight off and make your workout a habit, you need to train your brain to think differently by reshaping your long-standing ways of thinking that have held you back from creating new behavior patterns.

This is where a coach can help you.  A good coach will not only help you learn to eat healthier and create workouts that will help you lose inches and create happy hormones instead of stress hormones. That coach will also help you create those new behavior patterns so that eating healthier and working out now becomes a healthy habit.

If you are ready to change your beliefs and change your life, I have a limited number of spots open in my private coaching Three Pillars of Wellness program. This is a 12-week program that includes, private fitness and nutrition coaching combined with fascia blasting treatments.

By participating in the program now you will receive my 5-Day Kick Start program absolutely FREE (valued at $99.00).

Because this is such a personalized program I only work with a few clients at a time, so I urge you to act now.  All you have to do is fill out the form below and we can set up a time to chat.  I’ll share all the details and we can see if we are a good fit for each other.




Breakfast – Why Bother?

I’m sure you’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  But do you know why?

After going several hours without eating during the night, your body needs fuel for immediate energy and to replenish low glycogen stores. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast helps you regulate your blood sugar levels and prepares your for an active day.

But what is a good breakfast.  A good breakfast includes foods from the following food groups:

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrate
  • Fat
  • Fruits and Vegetables

Many of my clients struggle with getting enough protein at breakfast.  They either don’t want to eat eggs all the time or can’t.  So, what is a good protein alternative at breakfast?

I once asked that question to a Functional Medicine Doctor I was working with.  Her suggestion was leftover protein from dinner.  So, I tried chicken for breakfast.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either.

I advocate eating 70% whole foods at each meal.  So here are some whole food breakfast ideas that don’t include eggs:

  • Try this whole food breakfast pudding . I make it often.  In the warmer months I eat it cold and in the colder months I warm it up.
  • Mix beans with a whole grain, some greens and avocado. When beans are mixed with a whole grain it, provides almost all of the enzymes found in a pure protein like meat, fish or eggs.  Serve greens and beans with some cooked brown rice or quinoa, a healthy fat like avocado or butter and you have a great  breakfast.
  • You can also add organic nut butter to a whole grain porridge.   That combination will also come close to providing the enzymes found in a pure protein like meat, fish or eggs.  Add in your favorite fruit and yummmm!  Just read the ingredients on your nut butter.  You don’t want anything added to it.  Just ground up nuts.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Start your day with a combination of whole food from the groups listed above and you will have 10 times more energy than you ever had eating “Wheaties”.


P.S.  Planning meals that meet your individual needs is just one of the services provided with my coaching program.  If you would like to see if nutrition coaching would help you, just click here and let’s schedule a discovery session.

Restoring Your Workout Confidence

Have you ever tried to get down on the floor to play with a little one only to have a tough time getting up?  Have you noticed you get tired running up the stairs?  Has your doctor told you that you could lower your blood pressure if you did some exercise?  Does the thought of starting an exercise routine create anxiety because you question what your body is capable of?

First, I would like to give you a big hug for reading this far into the blog because most people do not want to admit that these things are happening to them.  And when they do, they feel like there is something wrong with them.

Nothing could be further from the truth!  There isn’t anything wrong!  Your body just needs a tune up.  And working out is like taking your car in for service.

So, here are a few ways you can honor your body and increase your workout confidence.

First – Make a Commitment and Be Honest

Start by setting up a workout routine that you can do and a schedule you can keep.  Then set realistic and doable expectations.  And most importantly, be honest with yourself about the things you perceive to be holding you back.

Second – Play to Your Strengths

If you are new to working out or if you have returned after a little hiatus, you might feel a bit awkward and uncertain in the beginning.  That’s why it is important you choose a workout program that plays to your strengths.  Choose something you can master and learn to trust your body.

Third – Cultivate Trust

Learn to trust the messages your body sends and be patient and kind toward yourself.  As you gain trust in yourself and your ability to perform your workouts, your motivation to continue will grow.

Fourth – Recognize the Real Changes

Look for your non-aesthetic changes like increased range of motion, improved balance, increased energy, more flexibility, lower blood pressure, better sleep, etc.  These are the real changes that will positively affect your life.

Exploring your body’s capabilities can become your greatest motivation to continue to work towards many of life’s goals.  So, go for it, give it a little time and enjoy the rewards of your renewed confidence.

You are the author of your life.



P.S.  If you would like help with setting up a workout program, let’s set up a discovery call to chat.  Let’s see if working together would be a good fit.

Can you relate to Janet?

She walked into the women’s only fitness studio like she did every morning at 6:00 AM.

She joined 3 years ago with hopes of losing weight and toning up.

By 6:05 the whole group was there.  The staff was walking around making sure everyone was using the machines correctly and everyone was chatting.  It was a home away from home for Janet.  She loved being part of the “community”.

But today was different. Today, Mackenzie, one of the trainers, was leaving.

The staff put together a poster with pictures from the 10 years Mackenzie had worked at the studio, showing her posing with members.  Janet had tears in her eyes as she signed the poster…..and then she froze!

She leaned in a little closer to make sure she wasn’t imagining things.

There was a picture of Janet with Mackenzie, the first week Janet joined.  Mackenzie was demonstrating how to use the leg extension machine, as Janet stood next to her and watched.

Janet noticed she had the same sweatpants on in the photo that she had on today but…

Those same sweatpants now felt like they were cutting off the circulation to her stomach and legs.

Janet had clearly gained weight.

At first, she was perplexed.  She showed up almost every day for 3 years and she used the equipment just like the staff told her.

But in her heart, Jane knew she had not really focused on the most important thing that the trainers had told her would help her achieve her goal.  They told her she needed to challenge her own limiting beliefs around losing weight.

Janet realized she fell into the trap of socializing and going through the motions.

And because of that, she went backwards!

This can happen to the best of us.  There’s a great quote by Jim Collins, “Good is the enemy of great.”

You see Janet was “good” by exercising regularly.  But she never challenged her beliefs around losing weight and that held her back.

If you really want results you have a choice to make.  One that will support you to shed those limiting beliefs that have been blocking your joy and holding you back from getting great results.  You need to open the door and decide if you want to step into a new life and reroute those limiting beliefs.

I have seen so many women do just that and it has been life changing for them.  Too often they look back and say “why didn’t I do this sooner.”

When you are ready, I’m here.



The Power of Pleasure and Holiday Recipes

The Power of Pleasure

Our Memorial Day holiday is right around the corner.   Memorial Day is a day where those who died in active military service are remembered and honored.  And with the holiday comes commemorative parades, picnics, barbecues and activities that give us pleasure.

I’m particularly excited because I am having company for the entire holiday weekend.  That means I can cook for the people I love.  For me cooking is a form of nurturing and it gives me pleasure to nurture those I love.

Unfortunately, everyone is usually so busy during holidays that all they feel is stress.

What if you slowed down a bit?  What if you felt happiness, delight and joy instead of the pressure of busy, busy, busy.

The feelings associated with pleasure divulge their deepest secrets when we slow down and allow life to bring us back into the moment.  We need pleasure the way we need vitamins from healthy food.  When we slow down and pay attention to what really gives us pleasure, we feel peaceful, joyous and content.

So, my health tip for this weekend is to simply slow down and allow yourself to get a big dose of pleasure.

One of ways I hope to indulge my guests is to serve a delicious vegan ranch dressing and veggie platter.  To download the recipe  you can go to my website recipe page.

Most store-bought dressings are full of unpronounceable ingredients that scare me, so I just make my own.  I like to have control over what I put into my body.

That’s if for today.  Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday weekend.

Ta, ta,

If you are struggling to lose weight and workout,  let’s chat and find out what’s holding you back from living more comfortably in your body.

The roller coaster………

Life is good…….

You made the decision, bought the shakes, cut up the veggies and prepared the food to follow a new plan.


You get up in the morning, drink your shake for breakfast, do your 10-minute full body fat burning workout and feel on top of the world.

You drive to work singing to the radio.  Lunchtime comes around and you have another shake (it is soooooo easy).  Then you go for a 45-minute walk with a co-worker.  You are over the moon happy.

You come home from work and have an energy bar.  You get some laundry done, run the vacuum and make dinner.  When it comes time for dinner you measure out your portions and the hubs and kids get the rest.  You’re thinking “I can do this”.

Next day, you get up and drink your shake for breakfast and do the 10-minute ab blast workout.  You get to work, and someone brings in bagels and cream cheese.

Panic sets in.  You begin to question yourself.  You have half of a bagel and skip the cream cheese.

You begin to think….”can I really do this”?

Lunchtime comes around.  You are sitting at your desk drinking your shake and munching on your measured-out veggies.  Your friend who you normally walk with called in sick, so you don’t walk.  Instead you go on Pinterest and look for low calorie recipes, then go over to Instagram and start comparing yourself to all the perfect looking women in the photos.  You start berating yourself thinking you aren’t good enough.

Next morning you drink your shake for breakfast as you watch your family eat waffles and your stomach growls.  You get “hangry” and skip the 10-minute butt lift workout.

You get to work in a cranky mood, walk into the break room and this time it is donuts!  You say “SH**” and take a donut.  You eat it fast hoping no one sees you.

Your mood throughout the day continues to get sour and you begin to ask yourself:

What am I doing wrong?

Why can’t I stick to this?

How do those women on Instagram do it?

Here’s the deal.  If those women you are comparing yourself to really can “do it”, it is because they have the answers to some important questions.

I work with women to teach them how to use those answers to help them reclaim their life and get off the damn roller coaster.

Until you really know what’s holding you back from feeling comfortable in your body, you will always ride that roller coaster.

When you are ready to learn how you can reclaim your life and feel at home in your body, let’s set up a discovery session.

Let’s find out what’s holding you back and how to shift things around to get the results you want now…….

Here’s to the informed shopper-free download

Do you love food?  I sure do.   Which is why I want to be an informed consumer and want you to be one too.

It is said that food can either be the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.

That’s why I embrace whole foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains, plus healthy proteins and fats. I also I advocate crowding out processed foods with healthy whole foods.

I suggest to my clients that they crowd out processed food because most of the processed foods in the US are made with genetically modified organisms.

In case you are unfamiliar with GMO’s, they are organisms made by forcing genes from one species, such as bacteria, viruses, animals or humans, into the DNA of a food crop or animal to introduce a new trait.   Sounds creepy doesn’t it?

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine reported, several animal studies showed serious health risks associated with genetically modified food including infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system. (Ever wonder why so many people have gastroesophageal reflux disease?)

So I encourage you to be an informed consumer and take a look at the Non-GMO Shopping Guide that you can download by clicking here.

I hope you find it helpful.

Ta, ta for today,



P.S.  If you are struggling to lose weight, fill out the form below and lets schedule a discovery call to see what’s holding you back from losing weight and what your next step should be.


Sometimes I get so angry listening to all the weight loss hoopla.

It is such crap.

→Drink this super shake and lose 8 pounds in eight days.

→Use this weight loss value pack and cleanse for life.

→Fast intermittently and lose 30 pounds.

→Eat your food from these portion control containers and get slim for summer.

I admit I have considered many of these.  But the same questions would always come up…

What if I am invited to someone’s home for dinner? Am I going to bring all my own food in those little containers?

Hasn’t science proven that our metabolism slows down when we fast?

What if I like to chew my food…..not drink it?

If the program really works, why did the coach gain the weight back only to repeat the program again?

That is why I get angry when I see all this rubbish.  I think it ruins the integrity of the industry.

Look, if you are considering some weight loss program that promises a quick fix, promotes “magic” foods or combinations of foods, I suggest you get clear on why you want to do it and what will happen after you have used someone else’s idea of how and what you should eat.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you have two choices.

You can stay in your comfort zone, go on weight loss program after program and continue to lose and gain weight repeatedly.


You can get the help you need to understand the compelling reason that is really holding you back from losing weight and keeping it off.

You see, once you know what is really holding you back, you can learn how to use that to your advantage and eat regular food without a struggle.

Pew.  Thanks for letting me rant!  As a parting gift for listening, click here for a few tips on mindful eating that you can print out and refer to.

Ta, ta for today,


P.S.  I am starting a FREE private and closed Facebook group.  It will include fitness tips, workouts, workout tips, nutrition tips and interviews with other wellness professionals.  This is a private, by invitation only group.  If you would like an invitation, please fill out the form below and I will be happy to send you an invite.

One Pan Meals, Cocktails and Restrictions

What if I were to tell you that you can have chocolate or a cocktail and still lose weight?

Well I am telling you just that.

I am a major fan of eating lots of different types of foods, and as anyone who has shared a meal with me will tell you, I also enjoy a casual cocktail.  My philosophy is life is to be lived, fun is to be had and it can all be done while staying healthy.

The concept that you must restrict yourself to lose weight is nonsense.  It will only stress you out and send you right back to the cookies.  Restriction leads to anxiety, rebellion and weight gain.

Instead I would like to encourage you to release those restrictive beliefs by adding in some fun, pleasure and delicious, nutrient dense foods.

That’s why this one pan meal bok choy recipe, that you can see by clicking here, caught my eye.

I was at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned and the food channel was on.  To me that was the perfect way for my dental hygienist to add pleasure to a cleaning because I love the food channel.  It inspires me to take what I see and recreate it to be just a little healthier.  So I did just that with the bok choy meal.  It can be made in 30 minutes and can be made with meat or vegan.  Bok choy is so much fun to cook with, it is delicious and very nutritious.

Meals like this will help you understand that you do not have to sacrifice tasty food to be healthy and lose weight.  And if you double the recipe you will have plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day.

I would like to inspire you to stop repeating the very patterns that cause over-eating, binging and self-hate.  If you need some support doing that, let’s talk about coaching.  Because it is possible to lose weight while having fun, drinking an occasional cocktail and eating chocolate.

That is it for today.  Let me know if you try this recipe.  Hope you have a sparkling day.




P.S.  BTW, I am offering a 10% Mother’s Day discount on any of my services.  Just fill out the form below and let’s talk.

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How to get results……

Have you ever asked yourself what’s really holding you back from getting the results you want to feel at home in your body?

What about why do you tolerate carrying around extra weight?

Here’s a client story that might help.

I have been working with a client who told me she had tried it all.

When I did my client intake here’s some of what she said:

I’ve have tried every diet out there.  I would lose weight, but I was miserable and hungry all the time.  I put all the weight right back on.

I don’t look in the mirror anymore.

I’m only 42 and I get winded walking up the stairs.

I hate myself.

I have so much anxiety.

I take all this medication!  What’s it going to be like when I’m 60?

I think I’m ugly and unlovable.

My heart ached as I listened.  However, as her coach it was up to me to help her break through what was holding her back.

Here are some of the questions I asked:

Me:  What do you think is holding you back from what you want?

          Her answer:  I’m afraid I’ll fail again.

Me:  What if you could change the way you see yourself?

          Her answer:  I’m afraid I won’t stop crying.

Me:  What’s your hesitation around taking action?

Her answer:  If I put myself first, my family won’t love me anymore.

Can you see the common denominator here?  It’s fear.

Fear is a learned behavior and I’m happy to say we are breaking through that.

So far, as we are journey toward her desired results, my client has lost 14 pounds, smiles all the time and is on fewer medications.

Here’s her formula for unlearning her fear and getting results.

She made a decision to change. (Sounds simple but it’s not when fear is involved.)

She is taking action and adjusts her behaviors throughout every day. (Best antidote to fear is action.)

She uses the tools and knowledge I provide her with to move beyond her self-limiting beliefs that have held her back.

Have you ever asked yourself, what would happen if you could see what’s holding you back?  If you knew what it was would you be able to take action?

Something to ponder upon.


P.S.  If you have struggles like my client’s, let’s set up a discovery call to chat.  We can see if working together would be a good fit.



Do you hold on to stuff?

Teddy Bear

We tend to hold onto our stuff year after year. We save and stock up on things that we don’t know what to do with anymore and keep things because they hold precious memories.  There is a saying that goes, “You have to get rid of the old to make way for the new.”

If you are feeling stuck or stagnant in your life, try giving away some of that stuff.  Say goodbye to your past and welcome new energy.

For good mental and physical health, we have two “houses” that need to be spring-cleaned: our physical homes and our physical bodies. Just as we accumulate “stuff” in the form of outgrown clothes, magazines, and random keepsakes, our bodies also accumulate “stuff” that needs to be cleaned out.

Let’s start with your heart.  What if you were to start by throwing away negative thoughts and habits you’ve been harboring that no longer serve you?  An open heart will allow you to receive all the good that awaits you each day and will make room for all of life’s gifts and surprises.

Now let’s go to your body.  Try giving your body a break from rich and complicated foods.  Since it is springtime, start by crowding out rich and complicated foods by adding in more leafy greens.  They are some of the easiest and most beneficial vegetables to incorporate into your daily routine.   Members of the leafy green family include kale, collard greens, Swiss chard, mustard greens, arugula, dandelion greens, broccoli rabe, watercress, beet greens, bok choy, napa cabbage, green cabbage, spinach and broccoli.

Leafy greens are so nutrient dense.  They are hight in calcium, maganesium, iron, potassium and are a powerhouse for vitamins A, C, E and K.  Additionally they are full of fiber, aid in purifying your blood, strengthening the immunce system, clearing congestion and keeping your skin clear and blemish free.

Have I convinced you to add-in more leafy greens?  I hope so.  If you would like to give them a try, click here for an easy recipe to get you started.  This recipe can be used for almost any type of leafy green.  Then each time you go to the market, pick up a new green to try. Soon you’ll find your favorite greens and wonder how you ever lived without them.

That’s it for today.  Here’s to spring cleaning.

Cheers to your good health,


“You can clutch the past so tightly to your chest that it leaves your arms too full to embrace the present.”-Jan Glidewell

P.S.  If you struggle with eating healthy, whole foods….let’s talk.  I’ll show you how it can be easy and you will never feel deprived.

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Fascia Blasting for Cellulite – My Results after Six Months

Fascia Blasting for Cellulite - My Results after Six Months

Yes I have cellulite.  I never really cared but when I brought the fascia blaster into my wellness practice to help with pain management, range of motion, and muscle soreness, I thought I would see how this thing works on my cellulite.

If your fascia isn’t functioning properly, it can create all types of problems.   Take a look at this two-minute video on what fascia is and how it creates distortions.

I am thrilled with the results from my consistent fascia blasting.

I fascia blast a few times a week, to various muscle groups, mostly for pain management and muscle recovery.  These are short, brisk treatments that last just 1-3 minutes.  I give myself a full body fascia blasting treatment once a week.

Here are my results:

After one face, neck, head and shoulder five-minute session, my six-day headache was totally gone.  Now I fascia blast this area, for just 1-2 minutes a few times a week and hardly ever have headaches.

After just a few minutes of fascia blasting my feet, they were pain free (arthritis from teaching aerobic dance classes on cement floors in the 1980’s).  They too get fascia blasted a few times a week now.

After fascia blasting my shoulders, arms and hands regularly the tension is completely gone and so are the recurring symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

My post-workout muscles are never sore because they get blasted regularly and I hardly have any aches and pains.

And, after six-months of making fascia blasting part of my regular self-care, my skin looks vibrant and healthy and YES, my cellulite is noticeably lessened.

I am beyond pleased with this amazing tool both personally and professionally.

When a client comes to me for fascia blasting treatments, my I first objective is to help her reach her goal. Then I want to empower her to make fascia blasting part of her regular self-care because we all deserve to live in a healthy, pain-free body.

If you live in the Litchfield County area and would like to give fascia blasting treatments a try, I would love to talk to you about how I can help.  The results are real.





Are you shy about going to a gym?

shy about the gym

Do you wish you could fall in love with feeling fit, but you are shy about going to a gym?

Are you worried about signing up for a group exercise class and being in over your head?

Being shy about going to a gym and the fear of getting injured are very common along with the fear of feeling so sore the next day that you can hardly walk.

Don’t let that shyness keep you on the couch.  The benefits of working out far outweigh any risks or fears.

So let’s look at ways you can get your workout groove on.


Start at your level


Start slowly and build up.   Diving into a fast-paced workout will just add stress to stiff muscles, joints and your motivation.  One of the most important steps you can take in making fitness part of your lifestyle is to practice acute body awareness.  Pay attention to aches and pains and never workout through the pain.

Know what you can and can’t do

If you have specific concerns about your abilities, range of motion or endurance, be sure to take these into consideration with your workout routines.  You know your body best.

Hone different Skills

Don’t lock yourself into the same workout day in and day out.

Make sure you switch up your routine.  By doing that you will not only get a better overall workout, but different exercise routines will hone different skills like balance, coordination and flexibility which helps to keep you moving as comfortably as possible.

Recognize the good.

Lastly, recognize the positive moods and feelings of well-being you experience.  They will serve as motivators to help you keep up with your new  routine as the months progress.


Is there anything you would add?  Please share.




P.S.  And if you are not working out regularly, let’s talk.  My favorite workout is a circuit workout that lasts no longer than 30 minutes.  No special equipment is needed and working out in the privately gives autonomy and freedom. There’s no one to judge and no one to compare yourself to.  Fill out the form below and let’s talk.

Come into my kitchen and let’s talk chocolate!

Do you think chocolate should have its very own food group?

It seems as if it should.  Chocolate is powerfully comforting, creamy, and delicious.  Many people eat chocolate at least several times a week. (Can you see my hand raised?)

Which begs the question…

Is Chocolate Good for You?

The answer is both yes and no.

Chocolate has been used for centuries to treat bronchitis, sexual malaise, fatigue, hangovers, anemia, depression, memory loss, high blood pressure, poor eyesight, and more. It also helps release that feel-good neurotransmitter. serotonin, in the brain.

But eat the wrong kind and you’ll get loads of sugar, calories, and junky ingredients.

How to Eat Chocolate Responsibly

Chocolate begins life as raw cacao (pronounced kah-kow) beans. Loaded with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and plant phenols, cacao is a powerful superfood. The more processed cacao becomes, however – think commercially produced candy bars – the fewer healthy components remain.

So how can you get the most out of your chocolate fix?

  • Don’t be afraid of the dark.
    • The darker the chocolate, the more beneficial cacao it contains.
  • Know your percentages.
    • The number on dark chocolate packaging refers to the percentage of cacao bean in chocolate. For maximum health benefit, look for dark chocolate that has 75% to 85% cacao.
  • Go raw – or as unprocessed as possible.

Looking for more fun ways to enjoy chocolate?  Try this dark chocolate treat. Invite some friends over and make a batch!  Chef Karolina’s Raw Chocolate Truffles have a preparation time of just 20 minutes and make about 25 truffles.  If you try this, let me know what you think?


  • 1 cup raw cacao powder
  • 1 cup cashews or macadamia nuts
  • 1/2 cup maple syrup
  • Water (to mix)
  • Roll-in ingredients: shredded coconut, chopped nuts, chocolate nibs, raw sugar, cacao powder, ginger, or something else you love


  • Mix cashews in a food processor until it forms a powder, adding enough water to create a thick paste.
  • Add maple syrup to cashews and pulse to process.
  • Add cacao powder. Pulse to process.
  • Refrigerate for four hours or overnight for best results.
  • Form teaspoon-sized balls of dough. Coat balls in your chosen roll-in ingredients!

Get Even Healthier!

Are you curious about how to choose chocolate and other delicious healthy foods to keep you healthy and your taste buds happy? Let’s schedule a complimentary consultation (fill out form below) or pass this offer on to someone you care about!

That’s it for today.  Have a sparkling day!



Patti Garland ischocolate good for you


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If you or anyone you know would like a few tips to help curb stress eating,  this lunch and learn might help.

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What’s more comfortable for you?

Helloooooo it’s Patti here and I went live on Facebook the other day to ask a question.  I love to ask questions.

I asked my Facebook friends which is more comfortable for you?  Doing something to take care of yourself or doing something to take care of someone else?

Now I’m asking you.  I’m curious what your answer is.

Most people answered that they would prefer to take care of someone else.

Why is that?

I think it is simple….it think it is because somewhere in our life we were given the message that taking care of our self is selfish and wrong.

Wow….now I think that message is so wrong.

Because taking time to take care of our self is important to our survival and to the survival of those we love and want to serve.

Think about the message we get from flight attendants regarding the use of oxygen masks.  They say put your mask on first.  Why?  Because if we don’t take care of our self with oxygen we quickly run out of it, pass out and die.

Well I think the same goes for taking care of ourselves.  Our bodies need movement, sleep, nutrition and a whole raft of things that requires us to take time to take care of ourselves.

We instinctively know how to care for others.  What if we were to tap into those innate skills and orient those skills toward taking care of ourselves?

Would it then help us to take better care of those we love?

Hmmmm… for thought!

Please reply and let me know what you think.

If you are looking for a way to start to focus on your self-care, you might want to click here for a simple selfcare tool. It is complete with a recipe.

If you are ready to take a bigger step towards taking care of yourself, just fill out the form below and let’s talk about my Three Pillars of Wellness program.  It includes both private and virtual coaching.

That’s it for today….

Ta, ta…..


A Simple Self-care Tool

Have you ever tried to water a dead stick?  Nothing much happens…..

Well that is what happens when you try to moisturize skin that not been exfoliated.  A build-up of dead skin cells blocks even the best ingredients from doing their job.

So before getting in the shower, exfoliate.  When you get out of the shower, moisturize.

Exfoliating your skin is a great way to rejuvenate your skin cells and get rid of those old dead skin cells.  My favorite way to exfoliate is to dry brush my skin using a long handled natural fiber brush.

If you haven’t ever exfoliated using the dry skin brushing technique…here’s how it works:

Start with your feet, moving in soft circular movements (always moving towards the heart) first on the bottom of the feet, and then on the top.  Work up each leg, one at a time, first the back of the leg (using the same soft circular, always towards the heart, movements) up through the buttock and then the front of the leg. Avoid any delicate skin, like the skin on the insides of the thighs and other delicate parts.

After you are finished with the lower half, start at the fingertips of one arm; move up the arm (palms of hands, back of hands, forearm, bicep) and towards the heart. Repeat on the other arm.  Move to the back working your movements in circular movements up, starting and finishing with one side of the back and then the other.

When you get to your stomach, start at your lower abdomen and work your way up making sure to steer clear of the delicate areas and end at your chest in an upward stroke.

There are a few tips about skin brushing.  You will want to avoid the face.  While dry brushing is excellent for exfoliating skin, it is too rough for the delicate skin on your face.  I prefer fascia blasting my face.

If you are new to dry brushing, you may want to do it in the shower (with the water off) the first few times since there may be a lot of deal skin brushed off (ewwww…but true).  For best results dry brush a few times a week and since your pores will be open and clear shower with an all-natural body soap containing organic ingredients.

Once your skin is well exfoliated and damp, you can apply my botanical body splash (click here for the recipe).  The vegetable glycerin acts as a humectant, helping the skin to retain the moisture you are applying.

When it comes to taking care of your skin, eating nutritiously and drinking lots of pure water are a must. If you would like to learn more about eating to nourish your skin and all of your cells, fill out the form below and let’s talk. First consultation is FREE!

Ta, ta….


What holds me back.

What holds me back.

Have you ever come to a point in your life where you seemed blocked or you just couldn’t make a decision?

I know I sure have and when I reflect on those times I usually find that fear is what holds me back.

I remember one time when I was offered a fantastic career opportunity.  Ken, the owner of the business I worked for sat me down and presented his offer.  He then asked me “what do you think”?

I can remember it like it was yesterday.  I smiled and said, “I’m so honored that you would trust me with this opportunity”.

He said, “I hear a BUT coming.”

I said, “I’m afraid I’ll fail”.

Ken said, “Patti you can’t fail.  You haven’t failed yet so push through that fear.”

I asked him “how do you know I won’t fail?”  He said, “you invest your heart and soul into everything you do.  When you do that you’re investing in your own personal growth and when you invest in yourself is impossible to fail.”


Have you been hemming and hawing about making a change?  Is it time to stop the negative self-talk and take the plunge?  Are you afraid to look at your comfort zone and say, “screw you”?

The next time you experience a situation where you know fear is holding you back, remember what Ken said to me; when you invest your heart and soul into your own personal growth it is impossible to fail.

That’s it for today.  Hope you have a sparkling day!



P.S.  If you’re looking to make changes to improve your overall wellness, my Three Pillars of Wellness program might be of interest to you.  Just contact me below and let’s set up a time to chat.

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Join me in my kitchen for foods that can regulate your blood sugar….

Hey there,

Join me in my kitchen for foods that can regulate your blood sugar.

Today I’m sharing a delicious recipe with zucchini. You might be surprised to hear me say that zucchini can help regulate your blood sugar,  but zucchini is full of goodness.  Not only does it make amazing noodles, but it is rich in B-complex vitamins, folate, B6, B1, B2, B3, and choline, as well as minerals like zinc and magnesium, which are all valuable in ensuring healthy blood sugar regulation – a definite advantage for anyone with blood sugar issues (like me). It also contains essential minerals such as iron, manganese, and phosphorus. In addition it is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties and for most of us it grows in abundance in our summertime gardens.

I found some beautiful zucchini at my local health food store and was delighted to make this zucchini recipe. It is so easy, densely nutritious and yummy.

Let me know if you try it.   That is it for today.  Have a spectacular week!



P.S.  If you struggle with eating healthy, whole foods….let’s talk.  I’ll show you how it can be easy and you will never feel deprived.


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Primary Food Is Soul Food

Did you know that food is just a secondary source of energy?

Think back to a time when you were passionately in love. Everything was exciting. Colors were vivid. You were floating on air, gazing into your lover’s eyes. Your lover’s touch and your shared feelings of exhilaration were enough to sustain you. You forgot about food and were high on life.

Remember a time when you were deeply involved in an exciting project. You believed in what you were doing and felt confident and stimulated. Time seemed to stop. The outside world faded away. You didn’t feel the need to eat. Someone had to come by and remind you.

Imagine children playing outside with friends. At dinnertime the mother reminds the children, “Time to come in and eat.” “No mommy, I’m not hungry yet,” they respond. At the dinner table, the mother feels that her role is to enforce the rules of good nutrition and instructs the children to eat their food. Eventually, the children force down a minimally acceptable amount of food and rush out again to play. At the end of the day, the kids return, exhausted, and go to sleep without thinking about food at all.

As children, we all lived on primary food. The same as when we are deeply in love or working passionately on a project. The fun, excitement and love of daily life has the power to feed us so that food becomes secondary.

Now think of a time when you were depressed, or your self-esteem was low.  You were in a state where you were starving for primary food. No amount of regular food would satisfy.  You may have even eaten as much as you wanted of regular food, but probably never felt satisfied.

Even in good times we might come home at night and look into the refrigerator for something to eat, when all we really need is a hug or someone to talk to.

Paying attention to the body brings about a certain balance between the mind, body and spirit. When you listen to the body (getting beyond the voice that says “I want a donut”), it tells you what you really need.

This is when primary foods come into play.  Primary foods feed us, but they don’t come on a plate.

The more primary food we receive, the less we depend upon secondary foods. The opposite is also true. The more we fill ourselves with secondary foods, the less we are able to receive the primary foods of life.

Elements such as a meaningful spiritual practice, an inspiring career, regular and enjoyable physical activity and honest and open relationships that feed your soul and your hunger for living all constitute primary food.

I was brought up Italian Catholic.  We were told to either “eat, you’ll feel better”.  Food was something to celebrate with; something to drown your tears in, calm your nerves and soothe the soul.

But the reality was sometimes I really didn’t need the food, what I needed was a hug, someone to listen to me or maybe even a nap!

Raising our vibrations to get in touch with what our body is telling us is good self-care.

As you journey through life, I hope you take the time to explore your primary foods, what they are and how they nourish your soul.

Good food for thought isn’t it?


P.S.  If you have a desire to delve deeper into your own personal wellness, I am currently accepting applications for private coaching.  Just fill out the form below I’ll send you an application. Once I receive the application we can set up a time to talk.  That will give us the opportunity to see if we are a good match to work together.

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Metabolism Revving Power Breakfast

I am often asked “where do you get your energy and what did you eat for breakfast?”  Well…I do have a high level of energy and I believe it is because I start everyday with my version of a metabolism revving power breakfast.  Let me share.

I start with a good detox and metabolic activator by giving my body the gift of a good night’s sleep. Now sleep does not come easily to me, so this is a big deal for me.

First let’s talk about why a good night’s sleep is part of your morning energy boost. As we sleep our body shifts its focus to one of detoxification and repair.  The period between dinner and breakfast is evolution’s built in fasting mechanism and it allows our liver and other organs to detoxify while we sleep.  Getting a good night’s sleep is also a metabolic activator.  So, I honor my body with sleep and I practice good sleep hygiene so my body doesn’t pay the price.

Then instead of shocking my body into a stress mode of flight or fight by waking up to the shrill obnoxious sound of an alarm clock, I have a very routinized pattern of going to bed by a certain time and my body automatically wakes up at a certain time. Like a well-trained dog….my body loves its routine.  As a result, on most days I wake up ready to embrace the day!

After that I rev my metabolism by starting my day with the power of….are you ready…relaxation and time! You might be thinking…”what you just relaxed for 8 hours?”  But really my body was working hard detoxifying, repairing and activating my metabolism as I slept.

My form of relaxation and time in the morning is to get up early enough to share a cup of warm water, then coffee with my husband. It’s great…we SIT and talk!  We sit for at least a half an hour each morning…just hubby, the dog and me.  It is awesome!  And we each start our day feeling listened to, connected and loved.

My next power breakfast tip is to eat a super healthy breakfast. I believe in the metabolic power of choosing quality food as fuel.  If I could give you one simple strategy that may well give you the biggest bang for your metabolic buck, one that will help you have more energy, be more healthy and maybe even lose some weight,  it is to eat a high quality nutritious breakfast.

Lastly, I rev my metabolism and boost my energy with the power of eating breakfast while SITTING DOWN, eating slowly and enjoying my food for absolute pleasure. I love good, healthy food and I love to chew each mouthful 20-30 times.  After each mouthful I put my utensils down and savor the pleasure of creating explosions of flavor as I chew my food slowly.

So that’s my metabolism revving power breakfast.  I hope you try one or two of these tips.  If you do let me know how it works out.

If you would like to learn more about eating for pleasure and energy just fill out the form below and let’s chat.

Ta, ta for now,


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Beans a powerful immune boosting plant protein (plus cooking tips!)

black beans and eggs

Did you know that beans are not only a major source of protein, but they are also a powerful immune booster?

Beans are one of the most powerful, nutrient-dense plant foods around.  They are rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients, iron and protein.  They are also packed with tons of fiber and are a whole carbohydrate.

So how does eating beans affect the immune system?  It is those ever-powerful antioxidants.  Studies have found that beans have more antioxidants than blueberries, green tea, turmeric and pomegranates.  Why are antioxidants important?  They help prevent free radical damage.  Free radical damage takes a toll on our immune system.  So, eating beans will help boost your immune system.

Some of my clients have told me that they tend to avoid beans because they cause gas.  There is a simple solution to that.  If you experience lots of gas when eating beans, just take a digestive enzyme.

Here are a few simple ways to serve beans.

  • Toss beans and diced veggies (such as celery, shallots, and red peppers) with vinaigrette for a bean salad.
  • Blend cooked beans with tomatoes, onions, and your favorite seasonings to create a yummy bean soup.
  • Top a green salad with 1/3 cup of your favorite bean.
  • Puree beans with a bit of olive oil, a garlic clove, salt, and your favorite seasonings. Voila! A fast dip or sandwich spread.
  • Add beans to eggs. Top with avocado and salsa! (see photo)
  • Add 1/4 cup pureed beans to your favorite pancake, waffle, muffin, or cake recipe. You’ll be surprised at how moist and springy baked goods are when baked with beans. Click here for a black been cupcake recipe.
  • Add beans to your favorite soup recipe. With cold and flu season upon us, click here for one of my favorite immune boosting soups.  Just add beans or bean puree and you boost both your immune system and nutrition levels even more!

If you’re new to cooking with beans, try these tips:

  • Wash and soak dried beans for 8-12 hours before cooking.
  • After soaking, rinse, fill a pot with fresh water, bring to a boil, then skim off the foam.
  • To aid digestion, add kombu, bay leaf, cumin, anise, or fennel to the water.
  • Cover and simmer for the suggested time.
  • Remember: only add salt at the end of cooking (about 10 minutes before the beans are done) or it will interfere with the cooking process.
  • Quick tip: for speedier prep, boil dried beans for 5 minutes, then soak for 2-4 hours.
  • Quickest tip is to use canned beans. Some people find them even easier to digest! Just read your labels and avoid canned beans with added salt or preservatives and rinse thoroughly once you remove them from the can. Organic canned beans are a staple item in my pantry.  They are a fast, cheap and easy go-to food for me.

So, what do you think?  If you think you would like to learn how to choose and cook healthy foods like beans, I might have something for you.  I’ll be teaching a virtual small group fitness and nutrition program starting January 23rdClick here for the information.  If it sounds good to you, just fill out the form at the bottom of the page and I’ll give you a call so I can answer any questions you might have.

I’ll leave you with the question of the day….  “to bean or not to bean”.

Ta, ta for now,


Fascia Blasting

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Is dietary fat good or bad?

Avocado Dip

Do you ever ask yourself if fat is good or bad for you?

Well the answer is both. You see, when it comes to fat, not all fats are created equal.  The important thing to know is which fats are good and which are bad.

Heavily processed, hydrogenated “trans” fats used in prepared, packaged foods can be extremely damaging to the body. They can compromise the cardiovascular system, immune system, and contribute to behavior problems. They can also lead to weight gain, skin breakouts, high blood pressure, and liver strain.

Many people are scared of eating fats which is really too bad.  Do you remember the days of the low fat diets?  Wow talk about deprivation, toxic and always feeling hungry or better yet hangry!

Our bodies need dietary fat for insulation, vitamin and mineral absorption, and to protect our organs. High-quality fats can steady our metabolism, keep hormone levels even, nourish our skin, hair, and nails, and provide lubrication to keep the body functioning fluidly.

So let’s look at where we can find healthy fats:

  • Avocados, olives, coconuts, wild salmon, and organic eggs.
  • Whole nuts and seeds, and their butters like almond butter or tahini.
  • Look for the highest quality organic oils when shopping. Words to look for: organic, first-pressed, cold-pressed, extra-virgin, and unrefined. Avoid expeller-pressed, refined, and solvent extracted.

Here are a few ideas on ways to use healthy fats when cooking:

  • For cooking at high temperatures (stir frying and baking), try butter, ghee (clarified butter), or coconut oil.
  • When sautéing foods, try organic extra virgin olive oil.
  • Oils like flaxseed, sesame, toasted sesame, walnut, and pumpkin seed are best used unheated in sauces or dressings.

Healthy fats are good for our body and key is in knowing which fats to buy.  One of my favorite dietary fats is avocado.  Click here for an easy recipe that is delicious served chilled with raw veggies. 

To quote Dr.Mark Hyman, who wrote the book,  Eat Fat, Get Thin,  I hope this helps you “separate the fat from fiction“.

If you would like help learning how to choose  good-for-you foods, you might want to start with my 5-day FREE audio nutrition program.   Just fill out the form below to be put on the list.   But hurry…..registration ends January 2nd, 2018. 

That’s it for today.  Hope you have the healthiest and happiest New Year possible.


P.S.  Healthy Methods Wellness was recently featured in Unlocking Litchfield.  Unlocking Litchfield is a blog that tells the stories of local businesses and the people behind them.  Click here if you would like to read their blog.



A Gift For You

As we approach Christmas there are a few things we can count on.  Snowflakes, fairy lights, Santa and gifts!

As gifts are given and received this holiday season, the gift I think of is you.  I am so honored that you follow my blogs.  By doing so you invite me into your life and your home.  That is such a gift to me.

My dear readers you are my inspiration.  Never in a million years would I have thought that the first blog I wrote years ago would turn into a passion of mine.

I have been afforded many opportunities and exciting adventures because I started this blog.  None of these things would be happening if you didn’t read, comment and cheer me on.

So today I would like to say thank you and offer you a free nutrition program as a holiday gift from me.  It is a 5-day whole food audio journey.  I’m not going to ask you to purchase shakes, vitamins or anything like that.

During this 5-day audio program I’m going to take you down a joyful whole food path.  At the end of the 5 days you will have gained some valuable knowledge that is easy to integrate into your everyday life.

I’m teaching this audio program because there is so much misinformation and misleading promises available about diet and nutrition.  I don’t know about you but I’m tired of hearing the hype.

If you would like to redeem your gift, click here for more information, then reply to this email and I’ll make sure you receive the audio program.  I’m still tweaking it and plan to have it ready to go January 8th, 2018.

This is a joyous time of year.  I am sending out a huge thank you for reading and following along with my journey. You have no idea how much I appreciate you.

Wishing you abundance, happiness and peace in the new year.

Happy holidays,


Fascia Blasting

Healthy holiday food practices

Magical snowmen, singing carolers, and spending time with those you love are all the traditions of the holidays.  Why not add to those traditions a few healthy holiday food practices that will keep your energy levels high?

Here are a few ideas.

  • When you are going to a party, eat normally on the day of a party and be sure each meal is full of dark green leafy veggies.
    • Why dark green leafy vegetables? Well they are the dream team for preventing over eating.  They signal your body with the feeling of “I’ve had enough”.  If you’ve ever had an espresso or a piece of rich dark chocolate you know that a little bit is usually enough.  This is from the effect the bitter flavor has on your body.  So, fill yourself up with those bitter dark green leafy veggies.
  • Right before the party have a cup or bowl of broth based veggie soup. Just broth and veggies.
    • Why soup you ask? Well there is a certain amount of stress involved in getting ready for any party, whether you are the host or a guest.  An interesting study, published in the April 2011 issue of “Journal of Neurosciences,” showed that increased levels of sodium chloride led to a blunted stress response.  That means the soup, which usually has a fair about of sodium in it,  just might help you feel calmer.
  • Next, eat lots of roasted root veggies (I like to offer to bring these to the party).
    • You can easily satisfy your yearning for sweets by piling your plate with sweet roasted root veggies. Do this and you will naturally satisfy your desire for sweetness in a wholesome way.  Why not create a healthy fix for those sugary dessert cravings by soothing them with grounding earthy roasted root veggies?  Roast them in balsamic vinegar or apple cider and you’ll get even more sweetness from them.

Life is to be enjoyed and there is so much pleasure and freedom that comes from living life healthy.  Just keep your portions in check, eat nutritiously and enjoy your healthy life.

Wishing you the healthiest of holidays,


Fascia Blasting

P.S.  Stay tuned for a FREE 5-Day Whole Food Challenge that I’ll be offering starting January 1st!  If you would like to learn more about my nutrition coachingfitness coaching, fascia blasting or massage fill out the contact form below or contact me here.  I’ve helped thousands of women take back their power and change their life.  GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE


Holiday Nutrition Tips

holiday nutrition tips

As we approach this season of abundance, I thought I would share a few easy holiday nutrition tips that might help.

Choose your booze

If you choose to drink holiday cocktails, pick cocktails that are lowest in calories and are made without sugary mixers.

Drink 8-ounces of water after every alcoholic drink you consume.

Set a realistic, measurable imbibing strategy that you are willing to commit to during the holiday season.  For example, choose a set number of cocktails that you allow yourself to indulge in per week.

Crowd out your cravings. 

If you have cravings listen to them as your body might be giving you a message that you are deficient in some nutrient.  So instead of depriving yourself, try crowding out those perceived sugar cravings by eating more complete food combinations.

Pile it high and bulk up.

Pile your plate with extra veggies this holiday season.  This will leave less room for indulgent items.  Then bulk up on sweet roasted root veggies like carrots, squash, beets, etc.  Roasting root vegetables brings out the sweetness, will add bulk and help you feel full and help with those cravings for something sweet.

Slow down and chew your food.

Chew every bite of food until it is liquid (minimum 20-30 chews). Train yourself to chew. Notice the texture of the food before you swallow. Don’t swallow big pieces.

Stick to eating whole foods.

When at a party look for the dishes that are make from whole foods.  Try to choose fresh, natural, non-processed foods. Ideally recipes that are made from whole grains, beans, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, organic meats and eggs.

There’s nothing worse than ruining the day after a gathering with a food or alcohol hangover.  So why not try one or two of these tips?  If you do, let me know how it worked out for you.

Wishing you a lovely and heartwarming Thanksgiving.  And I hope you enjoy every minute of every day of this holiday season.  Love life, be happy, don’t stress and take pleasure in the holidays.

With many thanks,


Fascia Blasting

Hey Sugar Cravings!

Hey Sugar Carvings

Hey Sugar….  Do you have sugar cravings? Are your sugar cravings holding you back from feeling good about yourself?

For some people sugar is just as addictive as caffeine, alcohol or drugs.  Sugar also wreaks havoc on blood sugar levels, creates an emotional roller coaster from sugar induced highs and lows and destroys our self-esteem.

It’s difficult to deny our love for sweet treats and sweet drinks.

Think about this.  The foods you eat or drink 90% of the time will make a significant difference in curbing your cravings.  So….if you are eating food and drinking beverages with sugar more than 10% of the time, you are literally feeding your cravings.

Often my clients think eating or drinking foods with artificial sweeteners are a healthy alternative to sugar.  That is just not so.  Artificial sweeteners are plain old bad for you.  They are extremely sweet, as a matter of fact they are hundreds to thousands of times sweeter than table sugar.  So people who habitually consume them wind up desensitized to sweetness.

And they are just as addictive as sugar.  So don’t think you can give up foods sweetened with artificial sweeteners whenever you want.  Animal studies suggest that artificial sweeteners may be addictive. In studies of rats who were exposed to cocaine, then given a choice between intravenous cocaine or oral saccharine, most chose saccharin.

There is a simple solution to those sugar cravings.  All you have to do is shift your priorities a bit….

First, become your own advocate.  Become an advocate for yourself with the same passion that you would do for someone else.

Next, become an informed, educated consumer.  Start by reading labels on food products.

Sugar is not just found in the usual suspects like cakes, cookies and candy, but also in canned vegetables, cereals, peanut butter, bread, juice, tomato sauce and processed meats. It is often disguised as corn syrup, dextrose, maltose, glucose or fructose.  This can be confusing even the most health-conscious person!  So, read your labels and do your research.

Lastly, start to listen to your body when it’s sending you physical and emotional cues.  It is ever so smart!  Why wouldn’t it be….it belongs to YOU!  If you crave sugar it means your body is missing some nutrient and it is probably not sugar because sugar isn’t a nutrient.

So if you tend to crave sugar ask yourself these questions:

  • How do I feel 15-30 minutes after I eat or drink something sugary or artificially sweetened?
  • Am I eating foods that have more than four ingredients on the package?
  • Is even one ingredient some derivative of sugar?
  • Can I pronounce all of the ingredients?
  • Do I eat healthy combinations of fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins and fats throughout the day?
  • Do I eat a variety of veggies and fruits throughout the day?
  • Did I eat any whole grain foods today?
  • Is my plate mostly whole foods?
  • Is two-thirds of my plate vegetables and fruit?
  • Am I chewing each mouthful of food at least 20-30 times?

Switch your food priorities up a little bit at a time.  Make it your goal to start eating delicious, healthy, whole foods 90% of the time.  Then 10% of the time give yourself a treat.  And when you do give yourself that treat, try experimenting by adding in treats made with whole food sugar alternatives (see the list below).  These whole food sugar alternatives are derived from natural, minimally processed ingredients.  Treating yourself that way will probably eliminate your cravings for sweets and it will get rid of the high and low spikes in your blood sugar.  You won’t experience the “sugar blues” and you might give yourself some lasting energy while enjoying good healthy treats made from nourishing whole foods.

Here are some natural, minimally processed sugar alternatives:

  • Honey– One of the oldest natural sweeteners, honey is sweeter than sugar. Raw honey contains small amounts of enzymes, minerals and vitamins. It’s also great for baking, adding to sauces, smoothies or your cup of tea.
  • Maple Syrup– Maple syrup is made from boiled down maple tree sap and contains minerals like magnesium and zinc. It adds a tasty flavor to your morning oatmeal and is great for baking. Be sure to buy 100% pure maple syrup, and not maple flavored corn syrup.
  • Molasses– Organic molasses is probably the most nutritious sweetener. It is derived from sugar cane or sugar beet and is made by a process of clarifying and bending the extracted juices. Blackstrap molasses, the most nutritious variety, is a good source of iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.
  • Stevia– The extract from stevia is 100 to 300 times sweeter than white sugar. It can be used in cooking, baking and beverages, does not affect blood sugar levels and has zero calories. Be sure to get the green or brown liquids or powders, as the white and clear versions are highly refined.
  • Date Sugar– Date sugar consists of finely ground, dehydrated dates, utilizing this fruit’s vitamin, mineral, and fiber content. It can be used as direct replacement for sugar, and comes in a granulated form.

If you would like to curb your cravings, I hope you consider trying some of these ideas.  When you add in lots of good healthy whole foods 90% of the time, it will be easy to enjoy special treats 10% of the time…..guilt FREE!  Hope this helps….

Well that’s it for today….may your day be full of blessings!



Fascia Blasting

P.S.  If you would like to learn more about my nutrition coachingfitness coaching, fascia blasting or massage fill out the contact form below or contact me here.  I’ve helped thousands of women take back their power and change their life.

Are you trying to fit in a diet or exercise box?

fit in a box

I started helping women get fit and lose weight in 1979.  That’s when I was first hired as a fitness and group exercise instructor.  Over the many years that I have been helping women, I have seen lots of rigid fitness and weight loss trends come and go.

Frequently I saw women try to fit in a structured box that wasn’t quite right for them.  They would lose weight and improve their fitness levels only to “go back” to their old lifestyle, never integrating what they learned.

Trying to live life according to some rigid weight loss or fitness program just doesn’t work.  It only creates frustration and self-doubt because no one person is the same.  No one person fits in someone else’s box.

That’s why I created Healthy Methods.  Just the name Healthy Methods symbolizes a process.  A process to find that “feel great” place in life.

When I work with someone as a fitness coach I create personalized workout programs that can be done in the privacy of their own home.  We discover just the right exercises to feel energized not tired.  I design workout programs that will help develop or keep lean muscles and feel fit so my clients will want to stay active for decades.

As a nutrition coach, I help my clients create a pleasurable journey toward healthful eating.  One that is designed to fit their lifestyle, provides education and support to create a way of eating and thinking that helps them thrive.

My clients fall in love with feeling healthy, become more confident, powerful and in charge.

Instead of trying to fit in the box of specific “diet” program or exercise class, why not find a way to make eating healthfully and exercising assimilate into your life.

If you would like to learn more about my coaching programs, fill out the contact form below or contact me here.  I’ve helped thousands of women take back their power and change their life.

Sending healthy vibes,


Patti Garland




fat turned into muscle

Have you ever wondered if you stop or start exercising, if your fat turned into muscle?

The answer is “no” it does not.

Fat turned into muscle is a myth.  Fat and muscle are completely different cellular structures.

Muscle is a denser tissue than fat.  One pound of lean muscle will take up less space than one pound of fat.  Fat tissue is bulkier than muscle tissue, so it occupies more space under the skin. Thus, one pound of fat tissue has more volume (and will appear larger) than one pound of muscle tissue.

For this reason, a 170-pound woman whose body is composed of 25% fat tissue will appear much leaner than a woman weighing the same but whose body fat percentage is 45%.

Another significant difference to note is the metabolic activity of each tissue. Muscle tissue is highly metabolically active, which means even at rest it’s going to be burning up a very large number of total calories. Fat on the other hand hardly takes any calories at all to sustain itself, so will do nothing for your basal metabolic rate.

As we get older we tend to automatically lose muscle mass.  It is called sarcopenia.  The primary treatment for sarcopenia is exercise, specifically resistance training or strength training. This type of exercise will increase muscle strength and endurance using weights, resistance bands or body weight.

When we exercise hard enough to overload the muscle we build, define and tone our muscle tissues.  All that exercise and those toned muscles mean a slightly faster metabolism.  However, our weight may not change all that much because our fat mass decreased and our muscle mass increased.  It is not because our fat turned into muscle.

If you have stopped exercising, the good news is muscle tone can and will return once you return to strength training exercise regularly.  As will your energy, stamina and your ability to manage a wide range of health problems.  Add to the equation a renewed interest in eating healthy and those health benefits increase exponentially.

I hope this helps to deconstruct the myth of “fat turned into muscle”.

If you are ready to get back in the driver’s seat with either healthy eating, a personalized fitness program or stress reduction, contact me.  It is my pleasure to help  women reach their goals using personalized programs that are more than just exercise, eating and stress reduction.  I want “living healthfully” to enhance your life and not rule your life. If this sounds interesting to you, click here and let’s talk.

Cook Once – Eat Twice with Seasoned Cauliflower Rice

There’s a secret to quick and easy homemade lunches and dinners.  It is “cook once – eat twice”.

I try to create nutritious recipes that will feed 4-6 people.  Since there are only two people in my household I always have leftovers.  That way I can use those leftovers for additional meals.

As an example of cook once – eat twice, one night this week I made Seasoned Cauliflower Rice with a spinach and pesto stuffed pork lion and brown rice with salsa.   This may sound fancy but really it only took 20 minutes to prepare and 30-40 minutes to cook.  It was really yummy.

Seasoned Cauliflower Rice by Healthy Methods by Patti

The next day I made this gorgeous salad for lunch with all leftovers.

Cook once - eat twice

It took me 5 minutes to put together, it was packed with nutrition, tasted amazing and looked very pretty.  No boring lunches for this girl.  It was so good!

Continuing on my cook once – eat twice belief, dinner that night was warmed leftover rice and pork loin, served with a Tower Garden salad and pears for dessert.

cook once eat twice

Day number three I used the rest of the seasoned cauliflower rice to make soup for dinner.  I added chicken broth and Pecorino Romano cheese to the cauliflower rice and served it with a Tower Garden salad and watermelon for dessert.

Can you tell I LOVE food!  And my cook once – eat twice way of cooking makes dining and eating a pleasurable event for me.  And after I eat, I expect to feel amazing and energized.  I really dislike that heavy feeling I can get if the food is not prepared well.

If you don’t feel great after you eat and want to become healthier and happier, message me and let’s talk.   I’ll be happy to be your wellness accountability buddy and promise I’ll support, educate and provide encouragement as you journey towards lasting changes.

That’s it for today.  I hope you try the Seasoned Cauliflower Rice recipe.  I’d love to know what you think.  And stay tuned as I’ll be offering a few nutrition webinars soon.

Until the next time,


P.S.  De-stress with my back to school massage special. Enjoy 15% off *a one-hour therapeutic massage.  If you would like to make an appointment just call 203 885-2020.    *limited time offer

It’s all about balance…

When most people start an exercise program their “goal” hardly ever includes improving one’s balance.  As a matter of fact, we rarely think about our balance.  Balance is something most of us take for granted until we experience challenges.  Yet balance is crucial to our well-being—it prevents falls, helps us navigate uneven terrain, keeps us upright and helps us to be more sure-footed. For example, common tasks like walking, taking the stairs and even bringing the body to a standing from a sitting position require balance. Good balance also equals good posture. Balance tasks are owed to proprioception; the ability to sense the position, location and orientation of each body part in relation to other parts.  Watch this video for some good balance techniques that you can do every day that exemplify proprioception.

Balance exercises are also important for reducing injury risk. For example, if you sprain your ankle, you could be at risk for re-injury if you don’t retrain your balance.  If you do balance exercises after the injury, it retrains the muscles to contract together, which better stabilizes the joint during movements and prevents re-injury.  As we improve our balance we strengthen our stabilizer muscles, improve our range of motion and solidify our core.

Examples of a few simple balance exercises include:

  • Standing with your weight on one leg and raising the other leg to the side or behind you.
  • Putting your heel right in front of your toe, like walking a tightrope.
  • Standing up and sitting down from a chair without using your hands.
  • Walking while alternating knee lifts with each step.

So consider adding balance exercises to your workout.  You’ll see improvements in coordination, posture and your activities of daily living.  Adding balance exercises to your exercise regime can be fun.  Often you don’t even realize you are exercising because your mind is so focused.  The best news is that you can do balance exercises right now because balance exercises require absolutely no special equipment.

And if you are not working out regularly, let’s talk.  My favorite workout is one that last no longer than 30 minutes done in the privacy of my studio.  If you are interested I would love to teach you these workouts.  Click here for more information.  No special equipment is needed, and working out in the privacy of my studio and your own home gives autonomy and freedom. There’s no one to judge and no one to compare yourself to.

That’s it for today….

Have a sparkling day,


Twists ‘n Thyme

Thyme PestoI love using fresh herbs when I am cooking.  This winter I was blessed with an abundance of fresh herbs growing in my Tower Garden.  So much so that I had to get creative with Thyme.

That brought me to create Thyme Pesto.

Thyme Pesto

This is so delicious.  I would like to encourage you all to try it.  I used this pesto in my Sunday chicken dinner.  I slipped it under the skin of the chicken, added in some potatoes that were cut in quarters and tossed with the pesto, then roasted the bird and the potatoes together in the oven.  The house smelled amazing and the chicken tasted great.  I served that with a freshly picked green salad and oh what a lovely meal we had.

I then used my Thyme Pesto another night on zoodles…. yum! And I have a jar of it left.  Lucky me!

I think I might purchase some fish and maybe use a little of the Thyme Pesto on the fish when I bake it.

How would you use it?  I would love your ideas.

I hope you enjoy your day.  Thanks so much for inviting me in.





Short and sweet….

Zucchini Noodles with Puttanesca Sauce

I am totally in love with my spiralizer. I don’t know about you but I am always trying to find ways to eat more veggies and I have found my spiralizer really helps.  You can use it to make noodles out of lots of different veggies.  This week I used some organic zucchini and made up Zoodles with Putenascca Sauce!

Zucchini Noodles with Puttanesca SauceIt was delicious and it only took about 20 minutes to make.  I served with oven roasted chicken with pecorino crisps…..yummy.  I have been asked often which spiralizer I use to make my vegetable noodles so here it is:

I purchased it from Amazon for about $30 and it is the Sue La Table brand.  Definitely a great way to fill you plate with veggies.

That’s it for today!  Short and sweet….

Thank you so much for inviting me into your day!  I hope it full of sunshine and love.




Didja eat it?

Tower Garden Spinach


Tower Garden SpinachDid you try my chocolate peanut butter fudge?  I’m curious….what did you think of it?

Have you ever wondered why I choose the type of ingredients that I do for my recipes?  Have you ever asked yourself why I just don’t open a cake mix box, add in some instant pudding and make a cake?

It is because I know the human body needs both macronutrients and micronutrients.   Processed foods like cake mix, cereal, bread, milk, yogurt, etc. tend to give us tons of calories but strip foods of many of the micronutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals.

Why do I care so much about micronutrients?  Because we are what we eat and those micronutrients are essential for good health.

Not to say that macronutrients aren’t important.  They are the energy-giving, structural, caloric components of our foods that like carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

Basically, one feeds the belly and one feeds the cells.

The quality of the food we choose to put into our amazing body has a huge impact on our health.  And making small changes like the buying quality foods that will fill your belly and feed your cells will lead to big changes down the road.  So that’s why my recipes include ingredients that a just a little different.

This week’s featured recipe is a delicious, nutrient-rich spinach quinoa pilaf.

Spinach Quinoa Pilaf

I was inspired to make this because I grew the most beautiful spinach plant in my Tower Garden this winter. The photo at the top is the spinach I grew.  It was almost too beautiful to eat.  I love my Tower Garden.  It saves me tons of money, provides me with nutrient dense food that feeds my cells and my belly and is about the healthiest hobby I could ever have.

When it comes to having a healthy, loving relationship with food I think we have to be fascinated with the amazingness of the human body.

So why not start to amaze yourself today with one simple change?  When you eat, become aware of how you feel after you eat. Do you feel energized and happy or guilty and sluggish? I would love to hear your comments.

That’s it for today.  Thank you for inviting me into your day….I am very grateful to be a part of it.




Lunch is on me!


IMG_4294 (2)Good morning,

I have two questions:

  • Do you ever look for something different to make for lunch or dinner?
  • Have you ever DREADED working out?

If you answered yes to one or both questions, today’s blog might benefit you.

I am sharing a delightful recipe for Roasted Red Pepper Sauce with White Beans.  It might be just the thing to make for lunch or dinner.  I literally made this in 15 minutes and I have extra sauce to spare.  If you make this recipe and have extra sauce…please share how you creatively used it.  In  the photo below I served it on a bed of sauteed greens.  Delicious!

Do you find you have good intentions to workout but find so many other things come first?  Well there are easy ways to overcome that.  Consider one of my fitness coaching programs.  We can design results-oriented workouts that go beyond walking on a treadmill while binge watching Netflix that are fun and DO NOT TAKE UP LOTS OF TIME.

Food and fitness….they just go together.  We all deserve to have a positive relationship with food, our body, and our health.

I hope the information shared today is helpful.

Ta-ta for today!  I hope you have a joyously filled day.

Until next time,



Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge (dairy free)-almost as good as Cadbury Eggs

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

Good morning my friend and happy Easter to those that celebrate,

A few weeks back my friend Sally invited me to her house for lunch.  She made this AMAZING salad complete with kale! When I sat down to eat I saw this most adorable brightly wrapped Cadbury Caramel Egg right next to my fork.  She said…”that’s our dessert”.  Well what she didn’t know was that I had never eaten a Cadbury Caramel Egg befor because I grew up with chocolate Easter bunnies instead.

Anyway, after lunch I unwrapped my egg, placed it on my plate and tried to eat it with a fork and knife.  My friend Sally kindly informed me that you have to bite into the egg, taking a small bite and then “slowly savor it”.  Oh my goodness….it was amazing.

That experience inspired me to make dairy free Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge for our Easter Sunday dessert.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

I must say this fudge is every bit as good as that Cadbury Egg so I wanted to share it with you.  If you make it let me know what you think.

Well that’s it for today….may your day be full of blessings!





Sushi Balls!

Good morning my friend,

My, my what a week of celebrating it has been!  First, the celebrations began with fantastic spring-like weather…OK so it rained a little here and there but boy Spring certainly is in the air in Litchfield County, CT!  My grass is green, the mosses on the rock walls are amazingly green and I have lots of green buds on many of my plants!  Well, since it was St. Patrick’s Day week I guess things should be green.

It was also my birthday so I celebrated with lots of green food.  We went to Lucia Ristorante, one of my favorite little restaurants in our town.  Here’s a photo of my main course…Shrimp and Scallops Roberto.  It was delicious but so rich I could only eat half.

Then sticking to the tradition of green on St. Patrick’s day I did have their signature dessert…a pistachio cake.  It was heavenly…

Though I love to cook, I adore going out to dinner.  I love being waited on and all the aromas of the different foods.  As a foodie going out to dinner at a really good restaurant is a true gift.

I also made a really fun meal one night this week.  Sushi Balls! I love sushi but I know that I do not have enough “Zen” in my personality to make sushi.  So I saw a recipe for Sushi Balls and decided to make a version of my own. Click here for the recipe.

That’s it for today.  If you try the sushi balls let me know what you think!Sushi Balls

Thank you so much for inviting me into your day.

Until next week,






Why are so many people concerned about eating potatoes?  I think potatoes have been given a bad rap.  That’s why I am adding them to my celebratory foods during my birthday month.

Let’s explore a few potato recipes and fun nutrition facts.  They are very low in calories, have virtually no fat or sodium, are cholesterol free and a versatile whole food.  Take a look at how nutritious and healthy they are.

Potatoes have more potassium than a banana. Why is potassium an important nutrient?  Because it is a mineral that is part of every bodily cell, helps regulate fluids and maintain normal blood pressure, is vital for transmitting nerve impulses, and helps muscles contract.

They are also a great source of vitamin C.  Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that stabilizes free radicals, helps prevent cellular damage, aids in collagen production, and assists with iron absorption.

One medium potato with the skin contributes 2 grams of soluble fiber.  Soluble fiber helps to make you feel full longer, may help lower blood cholesterol and soaks up water as it passes through your system, which helps bulk up your stool and guard against constipation and diarrhea.

Now that you know just a few fun facts about potatoes, why not serve them tonight with one of the recipes below?

Baked Potato Fries with Garlic, Pecorino Cheese and Rosemary

Italian Roasted Garlic & Parmesan Potatoes (I suggest you don’t peel the potatoes on this one and instead of buttering the pan line the sides and bottom with parchment paper).

Grilled Potato Salad with Scallion Vinaigrette

Moroccan Potato Salad

Potato Salad with Asparagus and Olives

That’s it for today.  Thank you so much for inviting me into your day!



P.S.  What do you call a baby potato? A small fry!

P.S.S.  I am starting a new cleansing program the Monday after Easter. Who wants to join me?  If you are interested contact me below.


Sweet Birthday Blessings

sweet birthday blessings

GratitudeGood morning my sweet friend,

Do you count your birthday’s with gratitude? I sure do and this is my birthday month so I am going to have fun with food!

Some think I am crazy but I have always looked at my birthday as something to celebrate. I’m grateful for the year that past and look forward to the opportunity for another year to come.

I also like to beat my birthday drum all month long, so this month I will focus on celebratory foods.

Today I am sharing two sweet recipes that are dairy free and vegan.

The first is a yummy and comforting recipe for coconut banana mousse. It is very rich and decadent. Most definitely a special occasion dessert.

The second recipe is for chocolate raspberry power balls.  These are my way of enjoying more fruits and veggies in a chocolate snack because they call for a vegetable based protein powder. I don’t know about you but I am always struggling to eat more fruits and veggies.  The use of a vegetable based protein powder helps in this recipe, all while enjoying a chocolate snack.

That’s it for recipes. If you are interested in getting on the road to better health through good nutrition, let’s talk about one of my nutrition coaching programs.

Thank you so much for inviting me into your day……hope your day is full of joyful experiences.

Off to celebrate….




My Secret Weapon

My Secret Weapon

My Secret WeaponDo you have secrets? I do…one of my secrets is that there are times when I eat food that makes me feel like crap for the next 24 hours!

Look we all have those occasions.  For example let’s say you pretty much live your life gluten and dairy free (like me).  Then on Saturday night you go to someone’s house for dinner and find they are serving hand made stuffed manicotti, homemade garlic bread and salad for dinner followed by homemade ice cream for dessert.  What do you do?

I think you should enjoy your gracious hostess and the rest of the company, eat as many vegetables as you can, maybe eat a small portion of the rest of the food and drink LOTS of water.

Then secretly resolve yourself to the fact that the next day you are probably going to have what I call a “food hangover”.  So here’s my secret for when that happens:

  • First thing in the morning start by hydrating your body with 16 ounces of warm water, the juice of ½ of a lemon and 1 teaspoon of local honey.
  • At breakfast have a light vegetable protein based smoothie combined with one serving of fruit and a healthy fat like coconut oil or avocado. I love my vegan Complete protein shake for this.
  • During the next 4 hours enjoy 24 ounces of water with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.
  • For lunch enjoy another shake and maybe a salad full of veggies with a light oil and vinegar dressing.
  • Follow that over the next 4 hours with another 24 ounces of water.
  • At some point in the day move your body for 30 minutes non-stop. Go for a walk, clean your house or workout.
  • For dinner go back to your usual healthy eating plan and be sure to include lots of veggies.

We should NEVER avoid spending time with people we enjoy being with just because they do not live our exact  lifestyle. Simply move on to a pleasurable passage by using the above quick 24-hour cleanse that focuses on keeping your blood sugar in balance, rebooting your energy and getting rid of bloat.

Life is way too short. I hope to encourage you to enjoy time with those you love even if they don’t share your eating patterns and know that you have a “secret weapon” for the next day.

If you are interested in a little more nutrition news, click here for an interesting article titled: Onions-from old wives’ tales to rock start status.  Very interesting.  If you want to take the onion thing one step further click here for another article and click here for an Ina Garten recipe for balsamic onions that would be a great topping for oh so many things.

Well that is it for today….thank you so much for inviting me into your day.




Do you know….


Do you know what disease is the number one killer?  It is heart disease. Cardiovascular disease claims more lives than all cancers combined.

Did you also know that over 80% of cardiovascular related diseases are preventable with diet and lifestyle improvements?

If we can lead a healthier life by choosing better quality foods and taking care of our bodies, think of how many lives might be saved?

Here are a few tips to start nourishing your heart health:

  • Reduce or eliminate refined sugars and carbohydrates. Instead start eating whole foods like fish, veggies and fruit.
  • Eat greens and ideally bitter greens like those in my recipe for wilted greens with tomatoes, basil and leeks.
  • Exercise to support your overall cardiovascular health. Just plain old DO IT! 30 minutes that’s all it takes.
  • Reduce stress – that is easier said than done but exercise helps a lot.
  • Spend time with people you enjoy—stay away from energy vampires!

I know for some people it is a challenge to train your pallet to enjoy bitter greens.  That’s why I have posted my Lemon Ginger Tahini Dressing to the recipe section of my website.  This is delish! I use it as a dressing for cooked greens, on fish, as a salad dressing, over cooked asparagus….so many things.  And I always get compliments when I serve it to guests.

Lastly I want to share a recording by Dr. Tamara Sachs on “The Heart of the Matter”.  If you weren’t able to listen into the call last week you can just click right here and it will take you to a recording.

Well that is it for today.  Thank you so much for inviting me into your day!  Stay healthy.



P.S. A friend shared this to her Facebook page-I love it and thought I would share….

Above all else guard your heart for everything you do flows thru it--Proverbs 4:23



Sweet Dreams

Sweet Drams

Sweet DramsMost of us love sweet things. So today I am sharing a few recipes that are delicious, easy to make, and utilize mostly natural sugar from the primary foods in the recipe. These recipes will satisfy a desire for something sweet and provide good nutrition at the same time.

The first recipe is baked bananas. In this recipe when the bananas are baked it enhances their sweetness.

I love this recipe because it is one of those dessert recipes you can make in 5 minutes. You will usually have most of the ingredients on hand and if you don’t it is very easy to improvise.

The second recipe is a rice pudding recipe. In the rice pudding recipe, when the whole grain brown rice and fat from the coconut milk digests, it digests slower which allows for the absorption of nutrients instead of just spiking blood sugar levels like desserts made with processed grains like flour.

Rice pudding is one of my favorite comfort food recipes. It reminds me of baby-sitting for my brother who is 16 years younger than me. I used to make rice pudding and we would both eat it warm. Ahhhh…how comfort food can bring back precious memories.

The last recipe I am sharing today is for a vanilla latte which is a warm beverage that would be great after dinner, as a treat on a cold afternoon or an awesome post workout beverage. I adapted this from Dr. Mark Hyman’s non-coffee vanilla latte recipe.   Instead of using vanilla flavoring, I added two tablespoons of my favorite vegan protein powder.

It is so much fun to share these healthy recipes with you and to receive your feedback.  I love hearing from you.  I hope you find them helpful.

Just an FYI, I am always taking new clients into my. If you ever have any interest drop me a note.

That’s it for today. Thank you for inviting me into your day.

Ta-ta for now,



Do you like pancakes and chocolate mousse?

Banana Pancakes

I woke up last Saturday morning and had a strong desire for pancakes.

Since I try to eliminate gluten from my diet, I could have made homemade buckwheat pancakes but I find them to be rather heavy.  So I decided to make my oatmeal banana pancake recipe.  I developed this oatmeal banana pancake recipe years ago for one of my detox programs.  I remember my participants raving about it.  So I put it together and hubby cooked up the pancakes.  What a healthy delightful treat!

Banana PancakesThese pancakes set the stage for a great day of relaxing.

One of the ways I relax is to organize things.  So I was in my massage office organizing books and I came across this container of clipped recipes that I had totally forgotten about.

Recipe clippings

In that pile of clippings I came across several recipes for chocolate mousse.  But each one either called for heavy cream or eggs.  Since I had already eaten eggs with my pancakes and since I try to eliminate dairy, not a one of them appealed to me.  BUT….I looked at one that called for heavy cream and said….I can make that with….

Chocolate Mousse

….coconut milk.  So I created a chocolate mousse recipe that was dairy free and egg free.  Check it out….it only takes about 5 minutes to make.  I think this is going to be my new “go to” recipe for dessert when entertaining.

I hope you try these recipes.  They are so easy and very nutritious.  If you try them I would love to get your feedback.

Well….that is it for today.  Thank you for inviting me into you day.  May it be filled with happiness and joy.




Do you like delicious healthy recipes?

Do you love good food?  Boy I do.  That’s why I love to share delicious recipes with you.  Today I want to share a recipe for a Spicy California Shrimp Stack, Pureed Lentils with Walnuts and Cucumber Noodles with Peanut Sauce.

I can’t take credit for creating the Spicy California Shrimp Stack but I can say it was delicious.  I made the sauce a little differently to fit the way I eat and I served it on a bed of chopped cumbers with cilantro.  I made this on a weeknight and it took about 30 minutes to prepare.  Even my husband loved it!

I will take credit for the Pureed Lentils with Walnuts recipe.  This is a great quick side dish or if you are a vegetarian a great main dish.

The last recipe I want to share was shared by my friend Jenn on Facebook.  I love my zoodle maker and made this up one night.  It is for Cucumber Noodles with Peanut Sauce.  Oh my…it was so good.

That is it for today.  Please let me know if you try any of these recipes and what you  think…..ta-ta!



Patti cruise bermuda

The answer to the question people keep asking me.

What do you eat

What do you eatHave you ever been asked a question that just makes you smile from the inside out?

Well that’s what happens to me when my friends ask me: “what do you typically eat in a day …especially now that you are doing this Transform30 program?”

That question makes me smile because I LOVE food and I love talking about food.

So what DO I typically eat in a day?

I choose to eat a mixture of whole foods and healthy fats that help stabilize my blood sugar. That way I don’t have any cravings. When my blood sugar is low, so is my will power.

So here goes:


Prior to my early AM workout, I will start by drinking 8-10 ounces of warm water with local honey and lemon. Then I eat about ½ cup soaked oats mixed with a heaping teaspoon of Juice Plus Complete Protein powder. This combination keeps my blood sugar stable and my energy high during my workout. Juice Plus Complete

After my workout I’ll have two eggs with greens.Breakfast


Every morning I have a cup of very strong black coffee with a teaspoon of Kerry Gold grass fed butter. Coffee is full of antioxidants so drinking it in moderation can be good for you. The butter gives the coffee a full bodied taste, takes the acid kick off of the coffee and again helps to keep my blood sugar stable.


When the weather is cooler I prefer warm food. So I’ll eat a high protein broth based soup that has lots of veggies, some protein, gluten free whole grain and healthy fat in it. (See this week’s recipe of the week.)

Creamy Mushroom and Groud Beef Soup with Greens

If the weather is warm, I enjoy lots of leafy greens freshly picked from my Tower Garden topped with a small portion of protein like beans, chicken or fish. I top that with some brown rice or quinoa, maybe some olives and roasted veggies. Then I drizzle with an oil based dressing.

Tower Garden Greens

If I am in a hurry or have to get to a meeting, I’ll make a smoothie with water, spinach, cilantro, parsley, cucumber, 1/2 of an avocado and salt.


I don’t usually snack because I am careful to make sure I eat to balance my blood sugar at every meal.


Dinner is my favorite meal because I like to cook and hang out in the kitchen. It calms me down and grounds me.

Dinner is usually lots of veggies, a small portion of protein, a small portion (a few tablespoons) of gluten free whole grain like brown rice, buckwheat or quinoa and a small amount of healthy fat. I prepare these combinations in lots of different ways. Take a look at my recipe page for ideas (I will be adding more weekly). My dinner is usually always complimented with a glass of wine.

Avocado and Chicken Soup with Cilantro

Oh and about once a week I have a gluten and dairy free dessert.

I can gain weight very easily. I know making smarter food choices can be tough. Like everyone else, I’m not perfect. Some days are better than others. I have found, however that it gets easier with practice.

Desk Chair

I read this quote recently, “motivation gets you started…habit keeps you going”. -Jim Rohn

This week’s recipe of the week is Creamy Ground Beef and Mushroom Soup with Greens. It can be dairy free, easy to make and is ready in less than 30 minutes. If you give it a try, I’d love to hear your feedback.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog…I love talking about food! Cheers to your making healthy habits!




A question to ponder…

A question to ponder

A question to ponderLife is full of questions. Some questions are life changing and others are trivial.

Some of the questions are just passing curiosities that we ponder once and never return to.  And then there are those questions that we ask ourselves that can provide the theme for the future and how we choose to live.

Let’s say you ask yourself this: is there one simple change I can make that will positively influence my health?

There isn’t any tip-toeing quietly toward the answer to that question. Some will jump at the answer and say oh yes just do this or ….. oh for sure it’s that.

When it comes life choices that affect our health, we can’t avoid finding just the right answer that meets our individual needs.  Some people think if they take this special vitamin it adds a layer of protection to their overall health. But does it?

It doesn’t matter how many layers of protection there are or how big of a protective pyramid we build, the answer always lands at the tip of the spear and that is…. how we choose to live.

So here’s a point to ponder: what one simple change per month can you make for the next 12 months that will make a big difference in your health?

That’s it from me for today. Thanks for inviting me into your day. Oh, and if you are interested in my recipe of the week….click here.





P.S. I had some questions about my Tower Garden which I LOVE. Here’s a short video. If you have any interest in acquiring one, let me know. #lovemytowergarden

Help I need a name….


Good morning,

Sundays, don’t you love them? Though I am not a big football fan, after working out or going for a walk, I love sitting down to a cozy fire, my slippers, some snacks and a football game on TV.

Too many people think snacking is bad for you.  It really isn’t… The bad part is more about what we choose as snacks.  That why I wanted to share one of my favorite snack recipes. Basically, all you need is cucumbers, guacamole, hummus, some olives and your favorite hot sauce. This snack is low in calories and packs a super satiating punch of nutrients. (Click here for the recipe.)

BUT I need your help.  I haven’t yet figured out what to name it so I’d PLEASE message me with some ideas.

If you are wondering why I choose to make this snack with calorie dense guacamole and hummus, it is because my snacks are all about nutritiously balancing my blood sugar.  And with this snack, you will use so little of each that it keeps it lower in calories and high in nutritional value.

Let me start with why I chose guacamole. The avocados in the guacamole contain monounsaturated fat, which can lower your cholesterol and help regulate your blood sugar levels. They are high in fiber and loaded with potassium which can regulate blood pressure and prevent hypertension.

I used hummus because it is high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats. It has a high content of minerals and essential amino acids including tryptophan, phenylalanine and tyrosine, a threesome that makes it a surprising mood elevator.  Eating snacks should make you feel happy!

This is a great gluten-free, vegan snack that gives a big punch of nutrients, balances your blood sugar, is relatively low in calories, makes you feel happy and satiated and is delicious. Oh….and it needs a name so let me know your ideas.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that my family and I had a weight loss challenge going on from November-December 31st.  As far as I am concerned those dates are the eating season. Well, we all weighed in on December 31st and every single one of us lost weight!  I am so darn proud of everyone that I just had to brag♥!

That’s it for today….thank you for inviting me into your day!




P.S.  The photo at the top is Tammy my indoor Tower Garden….isn’t she gorgeous!  If you ever want to know how you too can grow your own Tower Garden, I’d be happy to give you more information.

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