Thanks for the RSVP You’re in for: EQUALIZE — A New Way to Experience the Holidays

I’m saving your virtual seat for Equalize.  Here’s some of what you’ll get:

      • Starting 11/29 I’ll send you daily emails with doses of nutrition and wellness  that will help end your struggle with holiday weight gain, change the way you experience the holiday season, and re-ignite your glow.
      • You’ll also receive my exclusive guidebook full of ways to keep your fat storing hormones in balance while having fun and without feeling deprived.
      • An easy 3-day meal plan that is perfect to use to help de-bloat in between those holiday parties.
      • And a bonus opportunity to receive a free 1-1 coaching call with me.

And if you can’t make the dates…don’t worry you’ll still receive the materials.

BTW your friends are more than welcome to join us. Please share this link so they can get registered as well:  www.healthymethodswellness.com/equalize

In the meantime you can get started with some of my most popular videos.

Do You Have a Plan and Release the Weight of Menopause

Looking forward to having some fun.