Lockdown Lowdown

Emotions all over the place?  Yup … me too.  Look…please listen to me on this…unless you are superwoman…this not the time to try to lose weight.  Say what?

Yup…as your weight loss coach I’m begging you…please don’t focus on dieting right now.

Can you guess why?  Because dieting causes stress and your body doesn’t need any more stress.

We are all experiencing a heightened level of stress.  There’s no reason to add to that by berating yourself about what you are eating.

Now I’m not suggesting you indulge in eating packages of Cadbury eggs.

Here’s what I suggest.  You give yourself as much external comfort as possible.  Text a friend, go outside and take in a deep breath of fresh air.  And if you feel sad or anxious, instead of eating, give yourself permission to feel that emotion.  If you need to cry, cry.  If you need to take a nap in the middle of the day because you feel exhausted from stress, go take a nap.

Just don’t wallow in your negative feelings because those negative feelings love to linger and stick to you like glue.

I get it…the stress of this pandemic gets to me too.  So, let’s work together to get past this hurdle.

Below are videos of the training I shared:

Video 1 – Ridding yourself of the mindset of restriction

Video 2 – Pleasure

Video 3 – Hunger versus satisfaction

Video 4 – Unnoticeable calorie deficit

If you find these videos have helped put you on the right path but you are experiencing significant weight loss resistance or have a fair about of weight to lose, I’d like to invite you to apply for a free 1 on 1 session and you can do that at healthymethodswellness.com/session