My Story

Patti on PorchThis is my story….

Let me start with…..I absolutely love what I do….

I specialize in weight loss coaching where I help women change the way they think about themselves, get rid of excess weight and keep it off without ever having to count calories or follow a restrictive diet.

I have a background in business administration, hold a certificate in Nutrition, Weight Loss Coaching and Circuit Training from The Cooper Institute.  I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, a graduate of The Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, an AADP  Certified  Holistic Health Coach, a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the founder of Healthy Methods Wellness.  As a lifelong learner I have a bunch of other certificates, but if I listed them it would put you to sleep.

Here’s how I got into health, nutrition and fitness.

As a little girl I saw my father heal himself from ulcerative colitis with food, prescriptive supplementation and exercise.  It was amazing to watch him go from being sick and emaciated back to his robust strong self.  This was in the late 1960’s and his medical doctor suggested surgery.  My father’s belief was that every part of the body was there for a reason and if it could be saved it should be.  So, he went to a Naturopathic Doctor who guided him back to health.

I also saw the other side of the food coin.  That side where food was the slowest form of poison and became the cause of so many illnesses.  I watched several of my relatives die from diseases that may have been prevented if they had made just a few lifestyle changes.

I myself was a somewhat sickly child with chronic tonsillitis and just about lived on antibiotics.  Since my father’s belief was every part of the body was there for a reason, he was not about to set me up for surgery.  Ultimately, when I was old enough to make my own decisions, I had them removed.

I was never a very athletic but I did love cheerleading.  It brought me out of childhood depression, gave me a healthy outlet for my energy and taught me leadership skills.

I found fitness in my twenties when I started taking a class that a friend of mine taught.  One day she asked me if I would teach the class because her daughter was sick.  I loved it and that launched my fitness career.

I left my corporate job and started working as a trainer, group exercise instructor and weight loss coach for a small women’s only fitness and weight loss center.  I fell in love with helping women learn how to take care of themselves.

Then 25 years later I too started to suffer from colitis like symptoms.  At that point I owed two fitness centers for women and I had a fair amount of training.  Only nothing I did for myself helped.

I was able to work with a Functional Medicine Doctor right in my hometown.  After a battery of testing we ruled out colitis, celiac disease, and intestinal parasites.  We concluded the years of antibiotic treatments had wreaked havoc with my gut, and  that years of working long hours had taken its toll on my over all ability to metabolize my nutrients. With her guidance I significantly changed how I ate, scaled down my work load and changed my sleep patterns.   In four short months I was well on my way to being healed without ever taking any medication.

Fast forward ten years and menopause hit.  And I went through a tough menopause transition.

My menopause was dis-regulated from stress.

But you know what?

I refused to be a woman who just suffered through menopause.

I took the bull by the horns! Fixed my lifestyle even more, changed what I thought was a healthy diet, changed the way I exercised and started to boost my body with natural tools.

And my menopause turned into a gorgeous expression of womanhood.

I now serve my clients thru a private practice where I help women lose weight, manage their menopause symptoms naturally, and change their lives.

I could go on and on about how much I love my clients and how much joy it gives me to see them take control of their lives through good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, but that’s enough about me.

What about you?  Are you ready to change your story?

Are you ready to find out what’s been holding you back from losing weight and keeping it off?  Are you ready to turn that around to work to your advantage?

If you are, let’s chat.  Just click here to schedule a time where we can talk about you.