Reintroduction Plan Day Three Quiz/Study Guide

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Reintroduction Day Three

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When you go grocery shopping, try to fill your cart with ______ whole foods.

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If you are trying to repair the symptoms of hormonal imbalance so you can begin to lose weight naturally, try to fill your plate with ________ whole thermogenic foods.

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Many common hormonal imbalance symptoms such as brain fog, hot flashes, moodiness, muscle soreness, fatigue and headaches, can all be attributed to inflammation from toxic overload due to a diet high in _______________.

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Although many processed foods are enriched with vitamins and nutrients, they still don't provide the quality or quantity of nutrition gained from eating a whole food. And they use very little __________________ to digest.

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Thermogenic foods are simple, unprocessed whole foods like vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, whole grains and fresh fruit.  A thermogenic food is a food that has had nothing added to it or ____________________.

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