Guide to Reintroducing Foods After a Detox

So weight loss and symptom management gets easier 

Using this self-paced program, I’ll show you how to reintroduce certain foods after following a detoxm, help you navigate the tricky process and provide tools for success moving foward.

This program gives you with a workbook, protocol, recipes and meal plan for reintroducing the foods you eliminated during the detox. 

Food intolerances can contribute to inflammation, weight gain and hormone imbalance. 

Adding back foods systematically after a detox can be an eye opening way to discover how your body reacts to certain foods. 

While the process of adding back foods takes a little patience, it is worth it!

You'll also receive daily training emails that will guide you thru the process and set you up with tools for success as you move out of the 7-day program.

At the end of the 7-day reintroduction program you’ll know which foods you can successfully reintroduce, and those you’re better off avoiding.

And once your body has healed more deeply, you may find your ability to lose weight and manage your symptoms changes significantly.