Fascia Therapy

As a graduate of the accredited and prestigious Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, I am a CT State licensed massage therapist and a professional member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals with advanced training in Therapeutic Restorative Massage.

I pride myself on being able to offer my clients a peaceful and relaxing space with attention to detail using intuitive and practiced skills.  This allows each session to be tailored specifically to the needs of the client.

Most clients come to me seeking pain management.  I use a variety of techniques that customize each session to achieve the desired outcome.

Menu of Services

Fascia Therapy

Fascia therapy treatments are designed to break up fascial adhesions and restore healthy fascia. With consistent use, clients can expect:

  • relief from pain, tension, and restriction,
  • muscles to fire more efficiently,
  • relief from arthritis and pain,
  • the appearance of cellulite to be diminished or lessened,
  • crepey, loose and aging skin,
  • relief from the pain of fibromyalgia,
  • improved muscle performance and mobility,
  • improved flexibility and movement throughout your joints,
  • increased circulation,
  • improved nerve activity,
  • relief from overuse injuries that haven’t been relieved by other modalities or therapies,
  • overall improved total body function.

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Swedish Massage

This style of bodywork uses Swedish massage techniques that soothe the nervous system and help induce deep relaxation.  Benefits include enhanced mental clarity, relief from sore muscles, greater flexibility, improved circulation and an overall feeling of well-being.  Swedish massage treatments include either an aromatherapy treatment or a hand or foot soothing mask of deeply moisturizing lotions and essential oils.

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