What is Fascia Therapy and What are the Benefits

Fascia is a sheet of connective tissue beneath the skin that encases our entire body.  It provides a protective sheath around our entire body.  There are little veins and arteries that flow through our fascia delivering oxygen and nutrients to our fascia cells.

When you have fascial adhesions and distortions, it can cause poor blood flow, weaker nerve impulses, limited flexibility and range of motion, and a host of other physical ailments.

Since fascia is malleable and has the ability to change states, those fascial adhesions can be released.

Fascia therapy using the fascia blaster is designed to break up and release those adhesions.  I have found it to be the best available treatment designed to restore fascia to a healthy state.

Fascia therapy treatments consist of 5 steps:

  • Heat the tissue.  I use an infrared therapy.
  • Prepare the fascia by using a special Arnica infused oil and massage techniques.
  • Using a fascia blaster tool, focus on the fascial lines specific to your treatment plan.
  • Each body area that has been fascia blasted will receive post treatment manual flushing with Arnica gel and ice therapy if needed .
  • Then muscles are activated by performing isometric exercises.  This increases blood flow to the muscles and conditions the muscles that have been compressed by tight fascia.

Listed below are just some of the benefits of fascia blasting treatments:

  • Reduce Pain and Improve Functional Impairment of the Skeletal System

When fascia is tight, it can torque and tighten joints. Tight fascia is often a precursor to more serious issues such as strains, ligament problems, back pain, swelling, limited range of motion and more. Overall, tight fascia can cause headaches, full body aches and rob us of our vitality.   Fascia blasting treatments can:

Instantly reduce pain

Allow joints to function properly

Increase flexibility and joint mobility

Release tension

Break up scar tissue

Minimize inflammation

Allow for joint alignment and space

  • Lessen the Look of Cellulite

Tight fascia pulls down on the fascial sheath below the skin. Fascial adhesions look like a chain link fence. When fat is present, it pushes through the fascia like a marshmallow pushing through a chain link fence. This causes a dimpled and puckered effect.  Fascia blasting treatments can:

Breaks up fascial adhesions

Diminish or lessen the appearance of cellulite

Smooth out fascia below the skin so fat does not push through creating that “dimpled look”

Allow the body to take a more natural form

Help skin look more vibrant

Allow muscle definition to show through

  • Improves Blood Flow

When fascia is tight, it restricts blood flow. Little veins and arteries flow through the fascia delivering oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Fascia is so adhesive that it can block blood flow entirely to certain area, cause swelling in others, or just make it harder for blood to pump.

Tight fascia also restricts nerve signals. Nerves are the messengers that send signals from the brain to the muscles. When the signal is interrupted, or choked because of tight fascia, muscle output is lessened.  Fascia blasting treatments can:

Open and loosen the fascia allowing full nerve signal

Release the blood to flow naturally

Allow oxygen and nutrients to get to the cells more efficiently

Increase cardiac output

Reduce inflammation

Improve blood pressure

Lessen brain fog

Improve the muscle response to activity

Causes muscles to fire harder and more efficiently

Allow the fascia to lay in the cuts and grooves of muscle definition

Improve sports performance

Increase flexibility

Accelerate athletic recovery

Fascia therapy requires a series of treatments for the tissue to heal and results vary from person to person.  To learn more about fascia therapy treatments, click here.

For information regarding the contraindications of using the fascia blaster click here.

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