Three Pillars of Wellness

Three Pillars of Wellness 12-Week Package 

Fitness Coaching | Nutrition Coaching | Fascia Blasting Treatments

If you are ready to feel stronger, healthier and more positive about life, Healthy Methods Three Pillars of Wellness program is for you.

It is designed and tailored to your specific needs and incorporates the foundations of wellness which are fitness, nutrition and self-care.

This triad of delivery systems gives you the ground work for life-long health.

Here is a break down and description of each pillar.

Fitness Coaching consists of private sessions in my studio or by Skype.

We start with a fitness assessment to give us a starting point.   From that I develop your customized workouts.

Depending on your progress, I will develop two or three 30-minute body-weight circuit workouts.  These circuit workouts combine both strength-training and cardio.  These are safe and unique workouts designed specifically for you and can be performed in a 3’ x 6’ space.

I will also design two 10-minute stretching workouts that are best done on recovery days.

You receive your own private video of each workout.

By the time we are done you will have customized circuit and stretching workouts that you can easily do at home.

During our coaching sessions you will receive support, motivation and guidance from me that will help you build confidence and feel successful.

You will see that you can achieve a great workout in 30-minutes and you will fall in love with how awesome you feel when you are done!

Nutrition Coaching is private sessions in my studio, by Skype or phone.  We start with an assessment and then plan your whole food journey to create a healthy, pleasurable way of eating.  You will learn how to support your body to achieve your desired outcomes and create a way of eating and thinking that helps you thrive.

During our sessions we will explore what has been holding you back from achieving your desired goal and find ways to make that work for you, rather than allowing it to work against you.

Our bodies are built for pleasure and this program will begin to help you learn just how pleasurable healthy eating can be.

Self-care with Fascia Therapy Treatments

The FasciaBlaster® is a tool designed by Ashley Black which massages fascia (connective tissue).

Fascia Therapy treatments will restore healthy fascia which can cause pain, limited range of motion, the appearance of cellulite and so much more.  It also aids in muscle recovery, minimizes inflammation, breaks up adhesions and scare tissue and increases blood flow which brings nutrients to the areas treated.

I meet with you in my studio where you will receive your fascia blasting treatments and if you want, teach you how to use the FasciaBlaster® for your own self-care.

We start with an assessment, health history and review of your intended outcomes.  A treatment plan, specific to your goals is then developed.

I provide spa robes, slippers, and towels.

Each treatment includes infrared therapy to warm up the tissue and begin detoxification.  This is enhanced with essential oil infused water that will boost the cleansing process.

Once your body has warmed up, we will begin your personalized fascia therapy  treatment will take place.

Treatment consists of preparing the fascia by using a special oil and massage techniques, then using Ashley Black’s fascia blasting tools and treatment protocols to massage the tissue.

Once the treatment is complete, you will re-hydrate with water infused with botanical electrolytes.

Post treatment self-care consisting of adequate hydration, clean-eating nutrition and exercise is recommended.

The more you incorporate all three pillars into your daily life, the stronger you will be.  I am dedicated to helping you build your three pillars of wellness foundation, so you can enjoy all the adventures life has to offer.