Personal Weight Loss Coaching

Are you a busy woman who would like to discover how to flip the switch so you can lose weight, lessen menopause symptoms and revive your metabolism?

You’ve been trying on your own but it’s just not happening because…

      • things have changed;
      • what you did in the past no longer works;
      • your mid-section keeps getting thicker;
      • and you just can’t seem to drop weight.

Hi I’m Patti and I’m a women’s weight loss coach.   My specialty is helping women lose weight without following a restrictive diet, reduce menopause symptoms naturally and change the way they feel about themselves.

For the last 25+ years it has been my mission to help my clients learn something totally different.  Something where you check your fad diets and over exercising dieting at the door.

Instead we get down to the true root cause of what’s REALLY causing your weight gain.  Once we get to the root cause, we begin the process of reversing that.

I use a weight loss coaching program that I designed and personalize for each client.  It’s called:

FEAST Academy

food – energy – activity – strategy – thrive

FEAST Academy is a simple lifestyle course with 1-1 coaching that will help you learn:

      • how to lose weight without dieting or giving up the foods you love;
      • how to manage menopausal symptoms naturally so you can change the way you feel about yourself;
      • and repair the symptoms of a stagnant metabolism.

During our private coaching sessions, we are able to:

      • address your individual situations as they come up,
      • gain victory over your challenges around losing weight,
      • and re-calibrate the reset button on your metabolism.

The program is broken down into three stages.

Stage one is master your eating.  This is where you open up to a whole new outlook on food and your mindset.

You will get a firm grasp on how to eat so you can lose weight without dieting or giving up your favorite foods while boosting your metabolism and minimizing your menopausal symptoms.

You know that voice in your head that has held you back from making changes?  We’ll deal with that in this phase.

You’ll start to feel confident about choosing foods that are delicious and have a constructive influence on your metabolism and menopausal symptoms.  You’ll get a firm grasp on what’s been holding you back from losing weight and how to make the changes you need so you can lose weight and never diet again.

Stage two is master your metabolism and menopause symptoms.  It is where you get active about making lifestyle changes and the weight begins to fall off.

You see improved communication between all systems of your body and we replenish the nutrients yo-yo dieting has robbed you of so your metabolism can begin to heal.

Your old dominant ways of thinking start shrinking and are less influential because they are being neglected and overridden with new messages.

Stage two is very exciting. You are energized by your new way of thinking and it is all becoming second nature.

Stage three is master your lifestyle.   This is when weight drops off effortlessly, your mindset is under control, you are managing your menopause symptoms and you feel ready for whatever comes next.

It’s where we reinforce what you have learned, so you have a long-term plan in place to keep your metabolism high and your menopause symptoms low for years to come.

It is where you immerse yourself in your new lifestyle, you radiate confidence and it is time to thrive.

Ready to take it one step further?

Contact me here and let’s talk about a strategy to revive your sluggish metabolism so you can reverse menopausal weight gain.