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Located in beautiful Litchfield County, Connecticut I am a health coach, fitness coach and massage therapist, dedicated to helping you reclaim your life so you can enjoy all the adventures life has to offer.

Together we’ll find lifestyle solutions that support you to be your happiest, healthiest, and most joyful self. 

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Latest Blog

Do You Feel Creaky as the Tin Man?

Written by Patti Garland | September 11, 2018

In my practice, I often hear “When I wake up, I feel creaky as the Tin Man?” There can be so many factors that contribute to waking up feeling like the Tin Man. For today I’ll focus on flexibility, mobility and stability of the joint. Flexibility is the ability of a muscle to lengthen or stretch …

I woke up the other day and started crying….

Written by Patti Garland | September 7, 2018

Hello there! I woke up the other day and started crying….but they weren’t tears of sadness.  They were happy tears!  I was happy because I realized a year had already gone by since I relaunched Healthy Methods! It has been an exciting year that’s for sure.  I have had so many amazing opportunities to learn, …