Hi I’m Patti,

I am a health coach, fitness coach and massage therapist.

I specialize cognitive behavior fitness and nutrition coaching and fascia therapy for pain management.  

I want to help you lose weight, keep it off, make fitness and self-care part of your life and change the way you think about yourself. 

Pain management therapy is done in my beautiful Litchfield County studio.  Fitness and nutrition coaching can be done virtually or in studio.

Let’s chat about finding lifestyle solutions that support you to be your happiest, healthiest, most joyful self. 

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Where Does My Sweet Sugar Hide?

Written by Patti Garland | October 18, 2018

You would be surprised the number of foods that are secretly packed with that sweet seductive stuff. Studies have found that the major food and beverage sources of added sugars for Americans are: refined carbohydrates like bagels, sweet rolls, pastries and doughnuts sweetened teas and fruit drinks, such as iced tea, fruit punch, etc. dairy desserts, including …

Are they really better than sugar?

Written by Patti Garland | October 14, 2018

Tell me….if you see the word “natural” associated with sugar, do you automatically think it’s something that is good for you? Holy smokes….that word is so misleading, especially when it comes to labeling food. When people use the term natural sweetener, they typically mean sweeteners that aren’t refined granulated sugar or are less processed than …