I help women change their perception of aging so they feel more vibrant and energetic while losing weight and managing stress.

Have you lost your spark in life?

you’re uncomfortable in your own skin
feel like you’re getting older by the minute
always down on yourself
don’t like the way you look in the mirror

If this sounds like you take my FREE assessment and discover if an imbalance in hormones is the cause and how to fix it.

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I’ve spend the last 30 years helping women lose weight and change their self-perceptions. 

My unique approach will help you get to the root cause of what’s going on in your body so you can  start losing weight, naturally manage the side effects of hormonal changes, and feel like your best years are yet to come.

Would your life be different if you liked what you saw in the mirror, hardly noticed the side effects of menopause, felt sexy again and slept well just about every night?

If you’re ready to start living your life as if your happiest years are yet to come, you’re in the right place.

No diets or over-exercising.  Instead, we get down to the true root cause of what’s FIRING up your symptoms and inability to lose weight.  And once we get to the root cause, we begin the process of turning things around.

My approach includes a 3 phase system that I personalize for each of my clients through 1-1 coaching.

Phase one is confidence.  This is where we FEAST Academybreak the cycle of dieting, build your confidence around food and get you back to eating again.   We’ll focus on  adding in delicious real food so you can deeply replenish the nutrients dieting has robbed you of, while crowding out those “diet” foods.

Oh, and those cravings, they’ll pretty much go away because you’ll feel satisfied from eating real food.

And you know that voice in your head that keeps you going back to dieting over, and over again?  We’ll deal with that in this phase by be guiding you through my unique process of becoming aware of why you over eat and how to identify and change the behaviors that cause your over eating.

Phase two is energy.  This is where we design a personalized plan that will give you energy and bring your lusciousness back.

This phase is very exciting. Your metabolism is starting to work again.  Your menopause symptoms are dwindling day by day, you are losing weight without dieting, you have newfound energy, and things in the bedroom are getting sweet again.  You are beginning to feel a sense of optimism about your future.

Phase three is inspired.   This is when we bring it all together so you can leave our work ready for what comes next.

You’re losing weight, changing your habits, managing your symptoms, and you feel like your best years are yet to come.

It’s where we reinforce what you have learned, so you have a long-term plan in place for sustainable weight loss and symptom control, and you immerse yourself in your new lifestyle.  You radiate confidence, feel strong and energetic.

Ready to take it one step further?

Contact me here and let’s talk about making a plan so you can feel better about you. 

If you are frustrated because you’re not able to lose weight and you’re wondering if it is what you are eating, hormones or your metabolism…take my FREE assessment to find out.

Get Your Hormone Score

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Change the way you think about yourself and change the world you live in!

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